How to make: Upcycled leaf earrings

Just magically turn an empty milk jar into a pair of beautiful upcycled leaf earrings. I will show you how to make beautiful earrings and, at the same time, do something good for the environment.


Upcycling means giving old waste material a new, better, purpose. It’s even cooler than recycling as it doesn’t require a lot of energy (with recycling a lot of energy is used to break down the material), in this case only a little bit of your own energy.

These leaf earrings look delicate like paper,  but they are water resistant and won’t be damaged easily. Never in a thousand years would you guess that in their former life they’ve been a milk jug.


upcycled milkjug earrings 3upcycled milkjug earrings titleupcycled milkjug earrings 6


Lately I’m all about living a more natural and eco-conscious life. And of course you can’t change your whole life, like habits, food, beauty products, clothes, accessories in an instant…but you can try to include every day a little bit more of a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle. I think every step counts and brings you closer to your goal.

With these upcycled leaf earrings you will look pretty and at the same time feel good about wearing them.


upcycled milkjug earrings 7


You need:

upcycled milk jug earrings material

  • empty, clean plastic milk jug
  • sharp scissors
  • printed leaf template
  • fine, non-permanent marker
  • earring hoops/hangers
  • 2 beads
  • punch pliers  (or a needle and a candle)


1 – Cut out the leaves on the printed template (download it here). Hold them onto the sides of the milk jug and trace them. If the milk jar has different surfaces, like smooth and textured, use that for your leaves, e.g. cut the medium leaf out of textured plastic (see image above).

upcycled milk jug earrings copy

2 – Cut the leaves out of the plastic with sharp scissors.

3 – Punch holes in the top end of the leaves (see templates). If you don’t have punch pliers, you can heat a needle in the flame of a candle for a about 10 seconds and melt holes into the plastic.

4 – Arrange the leaves on the earring hoops, add the bead.

upcycled milk jug earrings assembling

5 – Done are your eco-friendly upcycled leaf earrings.

upcycled milk jug earrings finished


To not waste the rest of the milk jar, I want to come up with more ideas what to make out of an empty milk jar. Do you have some ideas already? Share them with us.


upcycled milkjug earrings 2upcycled milkjug earrings 1




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