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Roundup: 3 super fun paper crafts

Paper is an ancient medium. It is one of the oldest man-made material there is. And it is such a versatile material to work with. Another aspect I really appreciate about paper is the easy accessibility, you don’t have to buy it, you can use newspapers and free magazines for your crafting projects.

Paper is one of my favourite materials. (Fun fact: in school, I wrote my first thesis about the production of paper.) Therefore I decided to do a quick roundup of three fun paper crafts.



These paper crafts feature a very easy project, an intermediate one and finish with a more advanced one. In this order.






There are a million reasons to throw a party. Birthdays, baby showers, engagements, achievements, anniversaries and on and on it goes. It is always handy to have some bespoke party decorations to set the perfect celebration mood. This paper bunting garland is very easy to make and you can adjust it easily to the theme of your party. Get the tutorial here.









I am a big fan of snail mail and greeting cards. Whenever I can, I make my own cards or decorate the envelope before I send a personal letter by mail. This simple technique of embossing doesn’t require special tools (like in the image), you can use any pointy object like a knitting needle. These embossed envelopes enhance the appearance of your personal messages a million times. Go to the tutorial here.








This paper and beads ornament looks really sophisticated, but with a bit of skill and agility, it is quite easy to make. I admit this is a project I am really proud of, I figured out how to make this ornament only from photographs I took of a similar ornament at my brother’s place. Like paper itself, this ornament is a versatile decoration, just choose the paper according to a theme and you get a decoration for Christmas, for a baby shower or for your living room. It makes also a really lovely gift. Get the tutorial here.


diy paper ornament diy paper ornament


What do you think of paper crafts? Are you a fan or rather not?




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