Sunset walk on Noordhoek Beach – Cape Town


The other day I went  to the beach with my man. Noordhoek Beach, one of my absolute favourite, and there are a lot of options around Cape Town. But this very long white sanded beach is special to me.
You can either go to the right end, the ‘Hoek’ (Afrikaans for ‘corner’) or decide to walk along the wide beach to the rusty ship wreck.


At the Hoek big boulders invite you for rock hopping, tanning or just watching the surfers from an elevated prime spot of your choosing. You might even get lucky and stumble upon a nice piece of driftwood. I once found a nice big root that I intended to take home. A friend finished surfing and joined me on the rocks, carelessly grabbing my piece of wood and tossing it between the rocks. I was speechless at first regarding such blindness to the beauty of nature. After I got my voice back I told him my intentions with the driftwood he’s just thrown away. Ruefully he climbed down between the boulders to save my precious piece of sea-weathered wood.


If the surfing conditions are good, the waves break crystal clear in perfect tubes of blue green water. It is pure joy to watch nature forming these clear caves of piercing cold liquid that look almost like perpetual ice.


When walking along Noordhoek Beach, it is very likely that you will pass by one or two lagoons – only in high summer they are completely dried out. If you are lucky, flamingos stopped by and you can find tiny pink feathers. They are so pretty, I can’t decide what to make out of them, it has to be something very special. Do you have any ideas?


On a sunny day the light reflected by the white sand just brightens your day instantly. The light at Noordhoek Beach is just extraordinary. The colours and thousands of shapes and patterns in the sand, the turquoise green waves with white foam balls, clouds and stones provide endless inspirations.




It was the first time I saw the sunset there. I think too many sunset pictures are just too kitschy to stand, but this light just kept my finger on the shutter and I couldn’t stop taking pictures. So bear with me and enjoy the kitschy sunset…










There are endless stunning places around Cape Town that show off the beauty of nature. But this one is a special one for me. I guess some places are just closer to you than others regardless their visible beauty. Where is your special place?

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