diy lettered wedding mugs

How to make: lettered wedding mugs


Why is it that people all around me are getting married or popping out babies? Is the reason really that we are “at that age now”, so all our friends get there eventually? Funny enough I heard the same thing from a woman who’s 10 years younger than me.

I won’t save this mystery today, but what I will save is the problem of having no handmade present for the next couple that gets married. These lettered wedding mugs are as pretty as they are practical – almost everyone drinks coffee or tea. So this handmade present will not disappear in the storage closet but sit on the kitchen counter every day.


diy lettered wedding mugsdiy lettered wedding mugs


Handlettering is still fascinating for me but unfortunately, I am not very good at it (yet). So I tried to cheat my way around it and instead of hand lettering the “Mr” and “Mrs” on the mugs I printed my favourite fonts, cut out the letters and just dotted around them. Quite easy and you still get the nice lettering.


diy lettered wedding mugsdiy lettered wedding mugs



For the lettered wedding mugs you need:



  • two mugs
  • porcelain marker
  • transparent film and adhesive spray (repositionable) OR transparent adhesive film
  • craft knife and cutting mat OR very small scissors
  • fine permanent marker
  • printed template OR “Mr” and “Mrs” printed in your favourite fonts



1 – Put the transparent film onto the printed template (download here) and copy the “Mr” and “Mrs” onto the transparent film with the permanent marker.


2 – Cut out the letters.


3 – Spray the back of the letters with the adhesive spray and position them on the mugs.


4 – Start dotting with the porcelain marker around the letters and then spread dots in-between the letters and around. Place dots further apart from each other the further you get away from the letters. Done.


5 – When you’re finished with the dots, let the paint dry and then carefully remove the letters. To make the mugs dishwasher safe follow the instruction on the porcelain marker.


diy lettered wedding mugsdiy lettered wedding mugs


I made these lettered wedding mugs not without reason. We are invited to a wedding next weekend and need a little something to fill with cash as a contribution to the honeymoon. The mugs are perfect for that, pretty (for the bride) and practical (for the groom). What do you think?





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