DIY last minute gift ideas

Last minute DIY gift ideas – and gift tags

We’re invited to a birthday party this weekend. And, of course, we don’t have a present yet. As the creative in our household, I get to choose a present for the birthday lady. Good that the hosts are old friends of my boyfriend and I haven’t even met them yet (careful, sarcasm!). So now I am picking my brain for last minute gift ideas.

Why do I always end up in these situations, even if I knew for weeks that a birthday is coming up? All you guys who are familiar with this situation, this post is for you!


DIY last minute gift ideas


I picked three different gift ideas that don’t take long to make, but are very unique. At the end of this post you’ll find an idea for simple, yet eye-catching, gift tags to complete your packaging.

To avoid the last minute situation, I suggest making a few of each, so you will have a collection of gifts to choose from whenever the need arises.


But now to the gift ideas:




The perfect gift for passionate readers to never loose track of their reading progress. Get to the tutorial.


DIY last minute gift ideas tassel bookmark






Upcycled milk jug earrings for the environment conscious fashionista. Get to the tutorial here.








For all your female friends who love statement jewellery. Or make a bow hairpin, brooch or fridge magnet. Get to the tutorial here.


DIY last minute gift ideas bow necklaceDIY last minute gift ideas bow necklace






To top what ever present you end up with, make these artistic, bohemian gift tags. Replace the name with “happy birthday”, if you choose. Try some hand lettering or just capital letters, get inspired by the fonts here (you can type in the name you want to write and just copy it on the card).


DIY last minute gift ideas name tag


You need:

  • kraft paper
  • acrylic paint
  • brushes
  • white or gold craft paint or gel pen

1 – Cut small cards from kraft paper.

2 – Mix whatever acrylic paint you have to your desired colour. Don’t dilute the paint. Paint with thick strokes on the cards, apply generously. Let it dry.

3 – Write name with white or gold acrylic paint or gel pen on the cards. Done.


DIY last minute gift ideas name tagDIY last minute gift ideas name tag


Which gift idea is your favourite one? Let us know.




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