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How to make: fringed handbag charm

Do you love your handbag?

And I am sure you own more than one handbag…am I right? How about a little handmade something that gives all your handbags just the perfect personal touch? Make your own fringed handbag charm.


handbag charm 2handbag charm titlehandbag charm 8


The good thing about that charm is that you can take it off and clip it on as you wish. So you can always have it with you, even when using a different handbag every day. Just make sure you choose a colour that matches more than one of your handbags. Neutral tones like white, off-white, cream, grey or black are perfect for that.


handbag charm 4

At the moment I only own two handbags – and a few totes, I admit – and this white/off-white handbag charm matches them both.

handbag charm 1


You need:

handbag charm material

  • leather or faux leather/suede remnants
  • sharp scissors
  • lanyard hook or key ring
  • wooden beads
  • strong glue (I used super glue)
  • wire (0,30 mm)


1 – Cut several strips off the (faux) leather/suede. They don’t have to be too even, but roughly the same length (mine are approx 18 cm long). Make sure some of them are thin enough to fit through the holes of the beads. I cut mine with pointy ends – makes threading the beads easier and looks nice.

handbag charm cutting strips

2 – Fold the strips in half and “hang” them on the lanyard hook/key ring.

handbag charm arranging strips

3 – When there are enough strips, wrap wire around all the leather strips, just below the key ring, securing them all together. Twist the ends of the wire together and hide them beneath the wrapped wire.

handbag charm wire

4 – Thread beads on some of the strips. Secure each bead with a drop of glue where you want it.

handbag charm beads

5 – Attach the charm to your bag. Done.


handbag charm 3handbag charm 7handbag charm 6


And another good thing: the charm doesn’t need to be on your handbag. It makes a good key ring, travel bag charm or gift for your girlfriends. What do you think?




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