Getaway weekend in tranquil South African nature

Some weeks ago I went on a weekend getaway for my friend Olivia’s birthday. We went to the Fynbos Retreat which is part of the Grootbos Nature Reserve in the Western Cape. After a 2.5 hours drive from Cape Town we ended up on a dirt road between the villages Standford and Gansbaai. These last 10 kilometres that led to our getaway for the weekend revealed the beauty of South Africa’s fynbos vegetation.


“Fynbos is the natural shrubland or heathland vegetation occurring in a small belt of the Western Cape of South Africa, mainly in winter rainfall coastal and mountainous areas with a Mediterranean climate. Wikipedia


pincushion protea bush



I in particular loved the hundreds of huge bushes full of pincushion proteas that were in full bloom and gave the gentle hills around us an orange shimmer.


pincushion close


At the end of the 10-kilometre drive, two remote and cosy houses waited for our little group of friends. It was still too cold to go swimming in the small dam (remember August is still winter in South Africa), but we spent hours lying in the sun, talking or just dreaming. The tranquil atmosphere invites you to do absolute nothing, but relaxing, sleeping, chatting and enjoying.


pincushion bud

pincushion blossom



As a birthday present I made a dream catcher out of a branch, Guinea fowl feathers, folded origami cranes and dip dyed yarn. But see for yourself. You can read the tutorial here.

dreamcatcher feature

bouquet of wild flowers




On one of our walks around the area I started collecting branches and dried roots that are perfect for new projects. I found a very interesting, beautiful root that already looks stunning as a wall decoration just like it is. But I already have an idea how to make it even more attractive to the crafty eye. Wait and see…

fynbos reatreat root

fynbos retreat branches

fynbos retreat branches2


Any ideas for new projects with these branches? I am looking forward to your suggestions.



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