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My 4 favourite upcycling projects

Some of you might know that I am a big fan of clever upcycling projects. I think we really have to make a change to the way we consume things. Do we really need all that stuff? Is it sometimes not possible to fix things to make them last longer? Or to repurpose them and give them another life? An additional benefit of upcycling is saving quite a bit of money, of course.

By being creative you can make awesome stuff that’s as good as new without spending a lot of money. How cool is that?

To convince you – and if you don’t need convincing, to treat you – I put together my four favourite upcycling projects. Actually, these upcycled leaf earrings are also one of my favourites, but they are in another round up already, so I didn’t put them in this one (but pssst…it’s worth checking them out).





So here are my favourite upcycling projects:


1) Watercolour design with nail polish


This is one of my oldest posts (I can really see the progress in my drawing and photography), but still one of my favourite upcycling projects. It is so quick and fun and you re-use (old) nail polish and (old) glassware. A win-win upcycling situation! And the possibilities are endless…

Some suggestion: affordable, artistic vases for your wedding flowers, white porcelain bowls for last minute gifts, colourful lanterns (use old jars) for an evening full of atmosphere.

Get to the tutorial here.






2) Upcycled essential oil burner


For those of you who are facing winter now, make this upcycled essential oil burner! I promise you, winter is so much better with your favourite scent at home (imagine sweet orange, cinnamon or cedar wood…). These burners can be quite pricey, but this stylish white and copper one is an affordable alternative.

Get the tutorial here.





3) Upcycled beanie pom-pom


Another upcycling project for the cold season is this beanie pom-pom. All you need is a beanie and a (white) plastic bag.

Get the tutorial here.





4) Easy jewellery display mirror


The last upcycling project for this post is this jewellery display mirror. It gives your mirror a new purpose (to display your jewellery) and keeps your favourite jewellery right where you need it: close to a mirror.

Get the tutorial here.





Are you into upcycling? Which project is your favourite one?



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