How to make: wooden tray with copper detail

When last did you have a lazy morning in bed? I love staying in bed a bit longer, reading or listening to an audio book. Of course, the coffee – or right now more often a chai tea – will be enjoyed in bed as well, along with a simple breakfast snack like rusks. My bedside table is kind of cramped with the reading lamp and a few books, so I really needed something to place the cup and plate on.

We recently built a cat shelf for our new kitten Akela (see a picture of him here) and therefore had some leftover pine wood. I loved this light wood so much that I wanted to make something of use out of it, this time for myself, not for the kitten. And this is how the idea of a simple wooden tray was born.


diy wooden tray


If you’re someone who likes working in bed sometimes or watching movies on your laptop in bed, then this wooden tray is also for you. The hard surface protects your laptop from overheating. And it looks good, win win.


diy wooden tray




To make this wooden tray you need:

  • pine board (I sawed mine off of a plank that is 22cm / ca. 8,5″ wide)
  • sandpaper
  • drill
  • pencil
  • copper aluminium wire (∅ 1,0 mm)
  • pliers to cut wire


1 – Sand down your pine board, make sure all edges are smooth.

diy wooden tray

2 – Make marks with the pencil where you want the holes for the wire to be.


3 – Drill the holes.


4 – Cut small pieces of wire. Stick one in each hole and bend them around the board, the other end goes into the hole from the other side. The aluminium wire is so soft, you don’t need pliers to bend it.


5 – Done. Enjoy your morning coffee in bed.



diy wooden tray


Instead of wire you could use colourful yarn or just drill holes in a pattern. Whatever you go for make sure it brightens your morning!



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