wooden beads tassel necklace

How to make: wooden beads tassel necklace


Who doesn’t know that: You have these awesome New Year’s resolutions, but after a few weeks you’ve already forgotten that they exist? This wooden beads tassel necklace a.k.a. “New Year’s resolution reminder” makes sure that this won’t happen again.

I personally believe you don’t need a new year to set some goals for a happier life, just do it. But right now it is New Year’s and it is good as any day to make a list with things you want to change or do better next year. I came up with the idea of this wooden beads tassel necklace a.k.a. “New Year’s resolution reminder” for the new year.


wooden beads tassel necklace


The difficult part is not formulating resolutions, but following through until you changed your life the way you wanted. This wooden beads tassel necklace will remind you of all your goals – with every coloured bead standing for a personal goal. So you won’t simply forget.
wooden bead tassel necklace 3wooden beads tassel necklace titlewooden bead tassel necklace pink 3wooden bead tassel necklace blue 4


For your wooden beads tassel necklace you need:

wooden beads necklace material

  • plain wooden beads  – I used 48 for the blue and 57 for the pink necklace
  • wooden beads in your favourite colour  – as many as you have New Year’s resolutions
  • one bigger coloured, wooden bead
  • scissors

For tassel:

  • cardboard
  • yarn in the same colour  – I used crochet yarn no 8


wooden bead tassel necklace 2



Note: You can use coloured yarn and beads or you can dye them yourself with fabric dye as I did. Just soak the yarn and beads (must be untreated beads) in a dying bath for a few hours.


1. Cut approx. 180 cm /   5′ 11″ of the yarn. Start stringing the beads, leave 15 cm / 6″ yarn at the end of the necklace and tie a simple knot after every bead.

My advise: put a drop of glue on the yarn’s end, makes stringing so much easier.



Decide on a pattern e.g. five plain beads followed by one coloured bead. Repeat until you have your desired length e.g. nine times plain beads and eight coloured ones.

2. Make the tassel with the crochet yarn and the cardboard. Here you find a tutorial.

3. Thread both ends of the beaded necklace through one bead, tie a knot. Repeat with three plain beads, then thread the bigger bead. Tie the ends of the necklace to the tie-off threads on top of the tassel.


4. Pull the last bead over the knot to hide it. Done.

wooden beads necklace finished

How many coloured beads is your wooden beads tassel necklace going to have?


wooden bead tassel necklace pink 5wooden bead tassel necklace pink 1wooden beads tassel necklacewooden bead tassel necklace blue 2wooden bead tassel necklace pink 2


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