diy watercolour design with nail polish

How to make: watercolour design with nail polish

Today I am reposting another popular tutorial from my beginnings of blogging. I still love everything with watercolour (as stated in the first post) and even try to build a design business from (mostly) watercolour designs, so no better reason to repost this one. Although here is the most important reason: my Pinterest tells me that my watercolour design with nail polish is quite popular, so I really want you to show this one again in case you missed it.


diy watercolour design with nail polish


It’s incredibly easy to make these watercolour design bottles and their use is so versatile: use them as decor in your home, as flower vases or candle holder at your DIY wedding or as water bottles at your dinner party. Use other glassware like jars, tea light holders or drinking glasses and make unique gifts. Your creativity has no limits.


diy watercolour design with nail polish



To make the watercolour design with nail polish you need:



  • nail polish
  • clear glass bottles/containers
  • a flat wide bowl that you don’t mind getting dirty (the bowl has to be big enough for the bottles to fit in)
  • warm water
  • wooden picks
  • nail polish remover and pads


I’ve noticed that not all nail polishes work as well. You just have to try and find the best one of your collection.


1 – Wipe the glass bottles with nail polish remover to clean them of oil, dirt etc. Fill the bowl with warm water almost up to the rim.

2 – Pour in a few drops of the nail polish into the water – pour slowly so the polish stays on the surface. If the drops still sink to the bottom of the bowl, this nail polish doesn’t work well for this technique.

You can use a wooden pick to move/swirl the nail polish a bit. My advice: if you aim for the water colour look, don’t swirl too much.

You have to act quickly now as the nail polish dries quickly.


3 – Hold the bottle horizontally and let it gently touch the nail polish coat on the surface of the water. To get the nail polish around the bottle just dip it deeper into the water, the nail polish will stick to the glass. If necessary, turn the bottle to take on the rest of the nail polish coat.


4 – Gently lift the bottle out of the water and let it dry.

5 – Use another wooden pick to clean up the water for the next bottle.

6 – When the bottles are dry, use nail polish remover to correct any unwanted marks on your watercolour design. Done.


diy watercolour design with nail polish


This time I tried the watercolour design also with black nail polish and I really like how it turned out. Simple and elegant.

Which colour would you choose?




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    1. Hi Sylvia, no you don’t need to seal it. The bottle can be gently washed by hand with warm soapy water. Hope that helps.

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