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How to make: Valentine message in a bottle

Is there something nicer than getting an affectionate note from a loved one? Usually gestures count more than words, I think, but once in a while it’s nice to see the affection in words put down on paper. In black on white. Everlasting. And now is the time for that, Valentine’s Day.

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So I got two awesome things for you today:

  1. Free printable cards with a Valentine’s Day love message that maybe inspires you to write your own personal message to someone you love and
  2. the idea to “wrap” your personal note as message in a bottle.

Somehow I have to think of the book by Nicholas Sparks, when I hear “message in a bottle” and that is a very romantic story. So why not make your own message in a bottle?


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You can use one of my Valentine cards, printed on normal printer paper, and write on the back or you choose some nice paper to write your message on. It’s just important that you are able to roll it quite tightly, so it fits through the bottle neck.


valentine card bottle 2


I am sure you can find a cute small bottle somewhere in your home. Maybe it has a swing top or you just keep the cork of the next wine you drink. Or you do it like me and choose your beverage in the supermarket according to the bottle it comes in… I must admit, I wasn’t even very impressed by the drink, but bought it again after I accidentally smashed the first bottle. Just to have the brown swing top bottle for this Valentine’s project.

Learn how to do the watercolour design on a white bottle here.

Download and print the Valentine cards here.


valentine cards 1


For your message in a bottle you need:

message in a bottle material

  • empty, clean bottle with a cork or a swing top
  • paper and pen
  • self-adhesive label


1 – Write your message on a piece of paper that will fit into the bottle. If you choose to use my Valentine cards, you can download and print them here.

2 – Roll it tightly – rolling it around the pen might help, remove the pen – and secure the rolled up paper with a self-adhesive label. Make sure it’s rolled tight enough that it will easily come out of the bottle again.

valentine message in bottle

3 – Stick the message into the bottle and close it. Done is your message in a bottle.


valentine card bottle 7valentine card bottle 6 valentine cards 3


Don’t use it only for Valentine’s. Give away personal messages every day. The best thing you can do is making people happy by telling them how precious and special they are to you. What do you think?




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