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How to make: Valentine love message on picture frame

I’ll tell you a secret. One that I maybe shouldn’t tell while trying to make money with a crafting blog and designs. But I do it anyway: I don’t like Valentine’s Day. At least not the commercial side of it. I don’t like the expectations and the consumerism that go along with this holiday. Phew, now it’s out there.

But I do like LOVE. I think we should celebrate love way more often than once a year. And since I am definitely a romantic deep down (probably more than I want to admit), I created this valentine love message on a picture frame to celebrate love. Love in general or love for someone specific, it depends on the love message you choose.



This love message on a picture frame makes a perfect gift, not only for Valentine’s Day but also for a loved one on any day or a bridal couple (imagine their faces when you hand them this picture frame with their favourite love quote on it). I am actually happy that my inability to go only with one option made me end up with two frames. Because we do have a wedding coming up…

Love is all you need.





For your Valentine love message on a picture frame you need:



  • picture frame with glass
  • craft paint + thin brush
  • spray paint
  • white craft foam
  • grey cardboard
  • scissors
  • tape
  • optional: printed valentine love message template. Download “All you need is love” here and “It was always you” here.



1 – Take apart the picture frame and spray paint only the frame. Let it dry.



2 – Cut grey cardboard into fitting size for a backdrop of your frame.



3 – Tape love message template on the back of the glass. Download “All you need is love” here and “It was always you” here. Paint valentine love message on the glass with craft paint by tracing the letters.



4 – Cut or punch out a few foam hearts.



5 – Reassemble picture frame, putting white foam hearts between glass and grey backdrop, in this order:

frame – glass with message – foam hearts – grey cardboard backdrop – back of frame

6 – Put your personal valentine love message where everyone can see it or give it to a person close to your heart. Done.




What is your valentine love message of choice? And how will you celebrate Valentine’s Day, if you celebrate?



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