diy upcycled vase

How to make: upcycled vase centrepiece

“The earth laughs in flowers.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

And a good laugh is contagious, I always feel the need to smile when I see a beautiful bunch of flowers. I was quite amazed how many different flowers are still blooming, regarding the fact that we are approaching winter here in Cape Town.

diy upcycled vasediy upcycled vasediy upcycled vasediy upcycled vase


But have a look for yourself. These beauties and my upcycled vase are made for each other, they truly make a centrepiece. I bet there are many occasions for such a pretty upcycled vase: a DIY wedding, a birthday lunch, Mother’s Day etc.


diy upcycled vasediy upcycled vasediy upcycled vase


It’s not so common anymore to get a cork with your bottle of wine, but if you love wine as much as South Africans do, you won’t have a problem of getting together seven corks for the heart of this upcycled vase.

I will pass on the wine tonight as I have still a lot to prepare for my first market on Sunday. I finally took the step and will sell some of my creations at the small food (and now craft) market Erf 81 Food Market. The market is set up beautifully at Tyisa Nabanye, a non profit urban agriculture organisation located on the slopes of Signal Hill, Cape Town. The market provides you with all the joys of a farmer’s market right in the middle of the city, which I think is amazing. I know it’s small, but for me it’s a big step and I’m so excited to get this experience and test the waters. Let’s see where this journey takes me. If you’re in Cape Town, come join me!

But back to today’s project…


diy upcycled vasediy upcycled vase



For the upcycled vase you need:


diy upcycled vase

  • 6 small glass bottles
  • 7 wine corks
  • lace ribbon
  • copper wire ∅1mm
  • pliers
  • hot glue gun


1 – Glue the seven wine corks together to a circle, one cork in the middle.

diy upcycled vase

2 – Cut a piece of wire (approx. 40 cm / 15 ½″) and bend the top end to a double-layered heart. It is important to bend the heart shape twice (double-layered), so it can hold a note/card etc. Fasten the end of the wire by looping it around the bottom of the heart a few times.

diy upcycled vase


3 – Push the other end of the wire into the centre cork. Secure it with a drop of glue.

diy upcycled vase

4 – Glue the bottles around the corks, one bottle between two corks, use a good amount of hot glue so they won’t come loose later (I know what I am talking about).

diy upcycled vase

5 – Wrap the lace ribbon around the bottles, cut off any excess and glue the overlapping ends together – and onto the bottle.

diy upcycled vase

6 – Fill the bottles with water and flowers. Insert a note between the doubled wire heart. Done.


diy upcycled vasediy upcycled vasediy upcycled vase


Once again I think this upcycled vase centrepiece really would look amazing on a wedding table. What do you think?



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