upcycled milk jug storage

How to make: upcycled milk jug storage

Plastic is everywhere. It not only is in every part of our lives, but also polluting our surroundings. I am in KwaZulu-Natal, a province of South Africa, right now and was shocked once again of all the plastic bottles and garbage lying next to the streets and everywhere in this beautiful nature here. It takes forever for a plastic bottle to decompose.

For this and many other reasons I don’t like plastic. But I like the thought that you can make so many beautiful or helpful things out of empty plastic bottles, with almost no money. Give the plastic waste a new, meaningful purpose. Upcycle.


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I like to work with empty milk jugs at the moment, they have this convenient handle and they have this beautiful translucent white colour. I already made beautiful leave earrings and a birds mobile. Today I want to show you something that is helpful to get your office or crafts room more organised: an upcycled milk jug storage container.


upcycled milk jug storage 3upcycled milk jug storage 10


Store your pencils, your brushes, tools or office supplies in your handmade, upcycled milk jug storage container.


upcycled milk jug storage 8upcycled milk jug storage 9



For your upcycled milk jug you need:

upcycled milk jug storage material

  • empty, clean plastic milk jug with a handle
  • sharp knife
  • punch pliers
  • hook


  • raffia ribbon
  • pencil


1 – If you want: draw a line before you cut. If you feel confident, just start cutting.

upcycled milk jug storage drawing line

2 – Cut away the opening at the top and the top half of the two sides opposite the handle.

upcycled milk jug storage cutting

3 – Make sure the cut line has no rough edges. Start punching holes along the edge, you can experiment with the sizes….bigger at the top, getting smaller…what ever you like. If you do step (4), use a size big enough for the raffia ribbon.

upcycled milk jug storage punching

4 – Optional: thread the raffia ribbon through the holes. Start on the top.

upcycled milk jug storage raffiaupcycled milk jug storage detail raffia

5 – Knot the raffia ribbon into a nice bow.

upcycled milk jug storage finishing bow

6 – Hang the storage on the hook and hang the hook anywhere you like. Done.


upcycled milk jug storage 5upcycled milk jug storage 2upcycled milk jug storage 7


If you don’t want to throw away the off cuts, check out my other upcycling posts and make leave earrings or a birds mobile.

What will you use your upcycled milk jug storage for?





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