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How to make: upcycled card holder

A few weeks ago I found an old barbecue fork at a flea market. And no, I didn’t plan on using it in the kitchen. I saw the chipped off paint on the handle and my first thought was: make something upcycled! Something that gives this fork another purpose.


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It always goes like this: I see something and have an idea for a project, then the stuff lies around for a little while. Or a long while. Or even longer than a long while. I’ve got a few more ideas on my mind, but nothing sticks. Suddenly I know what to make with it and I get  quite excited (that’s how I know it’s the right idea). Sounds familiar?

So I learned to be patient, the right idea will come to me.

Isn’t that also a nice philosophy for other things in life…?

Back to this project: same thing happened with this fork. I knew it would make a gorgeous upcycled something one day and voilà: here comes the upcycled card holder.


upcycled card holder 4upcycled card holder 3


The ones of you who are not here for the first time might already have noticed that I am quite into upcycling and giving old things or waste a new purpose.

So you will definitely find more upcycling projects here in the near future.

If you’re interested, check out my favourite repurposing projects: the upcycled beanie pompom, the upcycled picture frame (that used to be a clothes hanger) or the upcycled milk jug storage. Or go to my category “UPCYCLING” for all my upcycling projects.


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For the upcycled card holder you need:


upcycled fork card display material

  • pretty barbecue (in South Africa known as braai) fork with a hole in the handle
  • pliers


1 – Bend the tips of the fork with the pliers, first at the pink point and then on the green point (see image below). It might help to warm the metal on a candle or, like me, on the flame of our gas stove.

upcycled fork card display

2 – Clamp the card or picture between the tips of the fork and hang it on your wall. If necessary secure the card with a bit of sticky tape. Done.


upcycled card holder 6upcycled card holder 7upcycled card holder 9upcycled card holder 2


Now I really want to know: What items have you given a new purpose? And how do you get your ideas? Please tell me about it.



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