How to make: upcycled milk jug birds mobile

Upcycling part two. How about a little birds mobile? Feel good about using empty plastic bottles to create something beautiful instead of throwing them away.

Like I promised, here is an idea what to make with the rest of that empty milk jug you have left from making these wonderful upcycled earrings.

upcycled birds mobile 5upcycled birds mobile titleupcycled birds mobile 4upcycled birds mobile 3


These little upcycled birds are actually seagulls and that’s why they are flying in front of the ocean…or a picture of the ocean. But I am sure they feel comfortable with any surroundings you can provide. Make a whole flock of birds and hang them on a hoop. Or matching the ocean theme: use a piece of drift wood. I am sure you’ll find the perfect spot for these little fellows.


upcycled birds mobile 2


You need:

upcycled milk jug birds material

  • empty, clean plastic milk jug (or use the rest of the jug from making this)
  • sharp scissors
  • printed template (download here)
  • fine, non-permanent marker
  • needle and thread


1 – Cut off the neck and the bottom of the empty milk jug and cut the tube from bottom to top on one side, so you can fold it open. That makes cutting out the birds so much easier.


2 – Cut out the bird’s body and wings of the printed template (download it here). Hold them onto the milk jug and trace them with the marker. Repeat.

upcycled milk jug birds tracing

3 – Cut the birds’ bodies and wings out of the plastic with sharp scissors. Cut into all pieces at the red lines (see image), make sure at least one of the cuts is wide enough to fit the other piece in. Wipe the marker off.

milk jug upcycled birds cuts


4 – Thread the needle and stick it through the plastic of the body (see dot in image above). Tie a knot and cut the thread at desired length.

milk jug upcycled birds needle


5 – Stick both pieces, body and wings, together. Don’t worry, if they don’t keep together, you can always use a drop of glue to fix them.

milk jug upcycled birds assembling

6 – Arrange your birds on a stick, hoop or branch to create your unique upcycled birds mobile. Done.

upcycled birds mobile 6upcycled birds mobile 7upcycled birds mobile 1


As I write this I already have some new ideas for what to use to hang these little birds…what will you use for your very own upcycled birds mobile? A branch, a hoop, a coathanger? Please share your ideas.

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