diy upcycled beanie pompom

How to make: upcycled beanie pompom

Winter is coming. At least on this side of the world. And I have the right little project for that, and even if it’s spring where you are, you can’t be sure that there won’t be another cold day. Or maybe for these lovely evenings outside, when it still gets a bit chilly. So get your beanies out and give them a pretty make over with this upcycled pompom.



Upcycling projects are my favourites. To turn something old or something you usually throw away into something pretty. Is there a better concept?


upcycled pompom beanie titleupcycled beanie pompom 3


In South Africa it’s getting colder now. I don’t know why, but I always freeze my *** off in winter… or anytime it is not warm and cozy. So, soon I will sit in my work space, wrapped in blankets and holding my hot water bottle. Heating is a joke in most of the flats here.

Luckily I escaped the approaching winter for a while and went into spring in Germany, visiting my folks. But to be honest, I actually expect round about the same temperatures than in Cape Town, but with better insulated homes and better heating! So I should be fine.


upcycled beanie pompom 4


To prepare for my return to Cape Town I decided to pimp up an crocheted beanie I got from a coworker quite a while ago. To keep me warm and cozy – in style. I really like a pompom on beanies, but I didn’t have any wool. And you might know the predicament of spending too much money on craft supplies, so you need to use first what you got, before you buy new stuff. Yeah, I hear you… So I wanted to use something I already had to make the pompom.


upcycled beanie pompom 7upcycled beanie pompom 6upcycled beanie pompom 10


I usually don’t like plastic, especially plastic bags, but they have the advantage of being (very!) long lasting and durable. So I thought, why not use one of the bags lying around my home to make a plastic pompom? And it turned out great!


upcycled beanie pompom 8


I was surprised that you can make something so delicate looking and beautiful out of these horrible plastic bags. What do you think?


For your upcycled pompom you need:

upcycled beanie pompom material

  • knitted or crocheted beanie
  • white plastic bag (the thin ones that rustle)
  • scissors


1 – Smoothen the plastic bag and cut a two-layered rectangle out of the bag approx. 12cm /4 ¾″ wide and the whole height of the bag.

upcycled beanie pompom cut out

2 – Make 2cm / 1” wide accordion folds, creasing with each fold.

upcycled beanie pompom folding

3 – Cut a 15 cm / 6” long plastic strip out of the rest of the bag and tie it around the centre of the folded plastic, make a knot.

upcycled beanie pompom strip in the middle

4 – Trim the ends of the folded plastic with scissors into pointy shapes.

upcycled beanie pompom pointy ends

5 – Carefully separate layers, pulling away from centre, one at a time. Make it fluffy.

upcycled beanie pompom seperating

6 – Thread the two ends of the plastic strip through the top of the beanie and tie a bow for easy removal or knot for secure fastening. Done.

upcycled beanie pompom attach pompomupcycled beanie pompom knotupcycled beanie pompom 8upcycled beanie pompom 5


I was surprised that you can make something so delicate looking and beautiful out of these horrible plastic bags. It’s definitely my favourite pompom beanie right now. What do you think?




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