diy triangle dreamcatcher with twigs

How to make: triangle dreamcatcher with twigs

My tutorial for the dreamcatcher with a branch and origami cranes is one of the most popular on Pinterest. And since I made that dreamcatcher, and gave it away as a birthday present, I wanted to make one for myself. In pink. Instead of repeating what I made last year, I combined my favourite shape, the triangle, with this popular craft and created a triangle dreamcatcher.

It’s very easy to get the supplies for this basic dreamcatcher shape, just go outside and find some straight twigs.


diy triangle dreamcatcher with twigs
diy triangle dreamcatcher with twigsdiy triangle dreamcatcher with twigs


There are so many different ways to decorate a dreamcatcher and if you know me a little, you might have noticed that decisions like that are not my strengths. There are just too many awesome possibilities! (This is also the true reason why there are two dreamcatchers in this post).

I see this tutorial as an open one, not giving you the exact steps to follow to get exactly this dreamcatcher, more giving you the basics and a lot of inspirations to create your very own, unique triangle dreamcatcher.

How about a dreamcatcher with shells, feathers, beads or other souvenirs of your last holiday?


diy triangle dreamcatcher with twigsdiy triangle dreamcatcher with twigsdiy triangle dreamcatcher with twigs




For your triangle dreamcatcher you need:


diy triangle dreamcatcher with twigs

  • straight twigs
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • glue
  • ribbons, lace, crocheted chains, etc.
  • feathers, brass rings, shells, faux flowers, trinkets, etc.
  • optional: metallic spray paint


1 – Cut three twigs into the same length. If you want the twigs to have a metallic shimmer, spray them with metallic spray paint, I chose copper, and let them dry.



2 – Lay the twigs into a triangle and tie the twigs together where they cross.


3 –  Take some yarn and fill the triangle with a pattern of your choice. Get creative. For my second triangle dreamcatcher, I got inspired by the alchemy symbol for air (not shown in the image below).

4 – Now add the ribbons, crocheted chains, lace etc. to the bottom twig. For crocheted chains see step 5 of the paper doily dreamcatcher tutorial. Tie or glue feathers, shells and trinkets to the fringes.

Or tie brass rings with a pretty yarn to the bottom twig. Glue faux flowers to the twig triangle.

(In the image below my two dreamcatchers are combined to illustrate the possibilities).

Add yarn loop to hang dreamcatcher.



diy triangle dreamcatcher with twigsdiy triangle dreamcatcher with twigs


I’m curious how your unique triangle dreamcatcher looks like. What items did you choose? Please share with us.


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