diy tie-dye bed sheet

How to make: tie-dye bed sheet

I am not unfamiliar with dyeing fabric and I did tie-dye before, but I was a bit reluctant towards tie-dye as I associate it with crafting in elementary school and very wild colour combinations. But to be honest, I realised, there is nothing more fun and exciting than dyeing fabric.




The whole idea was born when I looked at an old, former white, bed sheet and decided that I couldn’t stand this greyish dirty colour anymore. The sheet was still good, so I didn’t want to throw it away either. Therefore I decided to dye it and furthermore to make it more interesting to tie-die it.




We only have white bedding and I am happy to add a bit of colour. I love the reversed colour concept with white duvet cover and coloured sheet. The colour is quite hidden under the duvet and acts like a little surprise every time you climb in bed.


diy tie-dye bed sheet



To tie-dye your own bed sheet you need:



  • Fabric dye
  • cotton sheet
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • big pot or bucket
  • rubber gloves
  • wooden spoon or stick


I used hot water fabric dye in indigo blue. It turned out quite light, which was on purpose, I used dye for 300g of fabric on 500g of fabric . The whole dyeing process is kind of an experiment, you never know what exactly you will get. As I wanted to create an image of bubbles I chose the, very easy and well known, binding technique that results in circles. If you are looking for a different pattern, have a look here (DIY Shibori folding techniques) or here (DIY tie dye folding techniques) for different binding instructions.


1 – Start tying off the circles by pinching the fabric, where you want the centre of the circle to be, and pulling it up. Bind the fabric at intervals by wrapping the yarn several times around, before you tie it. The more separate bindings, the more rings a circle gets. I did two rings for each circle.



2 – I tied off six circles and arranged them only on one side of the sheet, as I had the intention for them to look like bubbles in a sea of blue and just wanted a few of them.


3 – Put on some protective clothes and rubber gloves (stains won’t come out!). Read the manufacture’s instructions and prepare the dye bath. This might differ from dye to dye. I had to use boiling water, wet the sheet before letting it soak in the dye for 30 minutes. Stirring it occasionally with the wooden spoon.


4 – After finishing the dyeing process according to the manufacture’s instruction, dry the sheet in the shade or in a dryer. Put it onto your mattress and enjoy. Done.




What do you think of the tie-dyed bed sheet? Which colour and pattern would you choose?




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