diy easy tassel scarf

How to make: quick & easy tassel scarf

This one is a quick and easy way to upgrade your wardrobe. And it depends entirely on you how your new tassel scarf will look like. One tassel in each corner or a lot of them all around? Bright colour overkill or one-in-one tone? A light summer scarf or something woollen for the cold winter days (yes, believe it somewhere it is winter and it’s cold right now ;-)



This project is actually perfect to turn some scarf that you grew tired of into something new that you’ll love to wear again. I loved my yellow scarf, but somehow it got boring after years of wearing it. Now that definitely changed and I am excited to show off my yellow tassel scarf. A small change with massive impact.




To make a tassel scarf you need:

  • scarf
  • cardboard
  • embroidery yarn (contrasting colour to the scarf’s colour works really well)
  • scissors
  • needle


How to make a tassel:


1 – Cut two identical rectangles of cardboard, the height must be the desired length of your tassel.


2 – Cut a piece of yarn (approx. 10 cm / 4″ long) and place it lengthwise between the two cardboard pieces. Then start wrapping embroidery yarn around the two cardboard pieces, the more you wrap, the thicker the tassel will be. In this project, I aimed for quite thin tassels.


3 – When you got your desired tassel thickness, tie the single piece of yarn tight together, make a knot. Take the scissors and cut the tassel open on the other side.


4 – Cut a piece of yarn three times the length of your tassel. Wrap it tightly around the top of the tassel, make a knot and cut it to the length of the tassel.


Attach tassels to scarf:


5 – Make at least four tassels. If you want more than one tassel in each corner then make a lot more tassels, of course. Sew a tassel on each corner or all around the scarf.

6 – Done.



Do you have a scarf in your wardrobe that needs a facelift like this? What colour combination are you going for?



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