How to make: interchangeable tassel bookmark

You love reading? Or you looking for an easy-to-make gift for someone who loves reading? Then this is for you. The interchangeable tassel bookmark. It’s so easy to make and really something special.


tassel bookmark 7tassel bookmark 6tassel bookmark 2


Make a few tassels in different colours and you got yourself an interchangeable tassel bookmark. Just change it, so the colour matches the book you’re reading.


You need:

  • (faux) leather approx. 10cm x 4,5cm / 4″ x  2″
  • sharp scissors e.g. fabric shears
  • glue e.g. super glue
  • pen
  • ribbon (I just used one of these shiny ribbons you cut out of new tops, if you won’t hang them up)
  • paper clip (I recommend the giant ones)


tassel bookmark 10


1 – Cut a rectangular piece of (faux) leather approx. 10 cm x 4,5 cm /  4″ x  2″.

2 – Draw a line lengthwise on the back of the rectangle, 1cm / ½″ away from the edge (see red line).

tassel bookmark step1

3 – Cut thin strips of approx 0,5 cm / 1/5″ width, always stopping at the red line.

tassel bookmark step2

4 – Apply glue above the red line. Take the first strip and put it into a loop. Then start to tightly roll the fringe.

tassel bookmark step3tassel bookmark step4

5 – Once you’ve reached the end of the fringe, make sure there is enough glue to seal the tassel.

6 – Glue a piece of ribbon around the tassel, just above the fringe.

7 – Slide the tassel onto the paper clip. Done is your tassel bookmark. Make another tassel to get an interchangeable tassel bookmark.


tassel bookmark 3tassel bookmark 8tassel bookmark 9tassel bookmark 5tassel bookmark 1tassel bookmark 4


What book are you reading and what colour for the tassel will it be? Share your thoughts with us.

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