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How to make: stencil print on a t-shirt

Celebrate life. With colour. And this handmade stencil print on your favourite t-shirt.

I am not sure what I think of statements on t-shirts. You know, these shirts with ridiculous words on the chest…and sometimes also on the back. Nope, not a big fan. But what if you can make a statement without words? Let the print speak for itself.


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stencil print 1


Celebrate life. There are enough reasons. You are loved. Supporting family and awesome friends. Good food. A warm home. Sunshine. The wind in your hair. Laughter. A good cup of coffee…or tea. Being creative. Being able to express that creativity.

Choose your own reasons, I am sure there are plenty…


stencil print title


Put it out there. Celebrate it on your t-shirt. I show you how to put this bunting stencil print on your favourite tee.

Stencil printing is one of my favourite crafts ever. I got taught by my mum who taught stuff like that in school. I have a whole collection of different stencils as I always make them with polypropylene. I use them over and over again. But for a one-time project you can just use thick paper for your stencil print.


stencil print 3


You need:

stencil print material


  • shirt
  • fabric paint
  • stencil brush
  • paper clips
  • template printed on thick DIN A4 (8.3″ x 11.7″) paper (for one time use) OR template printed on normal DIN A4 paper and DIN A3 (11.7″ x 16.5″) transparency film* (if you want to print more than one time)
  • clear tape
  • cardboard to put in between shirt
  • fine permanent marker
  • cutting mat and craft knife OR nail scissors
  • iron

Optional: repositionable spray adhesive

*You can use a transparent polypropylene file folder, you know these kinds of simple folders you use in a office to keep documents organised (cut it on the shorter side and fold it open) or two A4 (8.3″ x 11.7″) overhead (ya, these old school devices) transparency films.




How to prepare:

If your t-shirt is new, wash it before printing. Let dry completely.

How to make the stencil:

For one-time use you can print the template (download it here) on thick paper and use that as your stencil. Tape the two sheets together and cut within the triangles to make your stencil.

stencil print taping


If you want to use your stencil several times for different t-shirts, you need a transparent polypropylene film. Print template (download it here) on paper, tape the two sheets together, place the film on top of print and trace the triangles with the permanent marker. Cut within the triangles. If you make a mistake, you can fix it with clear tape.


stencil print cutting


How to print:

1 – Place cardboard in between t-shirt to avoid the paint bleeding through to the back of the t-shirt. Also do not thin the paint. Watery paint will bleed under your stencil edges.

stencil print cardboard

2 – Use clips to make sure the cardboard doesn’t change position.

3 – Place your stencil on the t-shirt, where you want the bunting print to be.

stencil print position stencil

Optional: Take stencil off and spray the BACK slightly with spray adhesive (repositionable), put it back on the t-shirt and press slightly around the stencil edges.

stencil print spray glue

4 – If you use more then one colour, make sure the brush is clean and dry before you use it with the next paint or use more than one brush (one for each colour).

5 – Apply paint with a gentle pounding motion, holding the brush straight vertically.

stencil print printing

6 – Cover all triangles with paint and let the paint dry for some minutes before you lift the stencil. Once it has been moved, it is almost impossible to replace it exactly in the same way.

7 – When the first bunting is dry to touch, reposition the stencil for the second bunting print and repeat steps 3 till 6. Maybe you have to skip printing one of the triangles in the middle, like I did (see 4th triangle from the right on image below).

stencil print repostioning

8 – Let dry for at least 24 hours, then iron as per instructions on the fabric paint. Done.

You can also stencil print only one bunting garland, instead of two. You find an example on my instagram. Just click here to see a print with one bunting.
stencil print 6


If you have any questions, please drop me a line. I am sure I have a lot of tipps and tricks for this easy stencil print, that I haven’t put into this post.


stencil print 8



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