diy teardrop earrings

How to make: simple teardrop earrings

If you’re looking for simple, everyday jewellery that you can make yourself, these teardrop earrings are for you. They are easy to make and look like designer pieces on your ears.

For this tutorial I was looking for something simple and quick. Like probably most of you guys, I don’t always have a lot of time to set aside for making. So I love the idea of simple, quick projects. And when the result looks as elegant as these teardrop earrings it is really a catch!


diy teardrop earringsdiy teardrop earring title2diy teardrop earrings


As you might have seen already, I am quite into the trend of copper. I must admit, it usually takes a while until I get hooked on a trend, so when I am finally ready for it, the trend is almost over again. I might have to change that… So I got myself some copper wire only recently and I am very happy that I got to use it for these beautiful teardrop earrings. I definitely will wear them every day now. If you have sensitive ears, copper might not be the right choice for you. Rather go for sterling silver instead.


diy teardrop earringsdiy teardrop earringsdiy teardrop earrings


Working with wire requires a bit of practice, but luckily you don’t need a lot of wire for these earrings. So do a test run, practice bending even semi circles that are the same size.


To make your teardrop earrings you need:

diy teardrop earrings material

  • copper wire  ∅ 1 mm
  • plier with round nose
  • clear rubber earring backs
  • fine sanding paper


1 –  Cut two pieces of wire, each around 5 cm / 2″  long.

diy teardrop earrings step 1

2 – Start bending the wire with the round nose of your pliers 1 cm / ½″ from the end. Bend about 30 degrees, then move pliers a bit forward and bend again. Form an even semi circle that is circa 1 cm / ½″ wide.

diy teardrop earrings step 2


3 – Push wire together to form a teardrop shape.

diy teardrop earrings step 3

4 – Hold the teardrop in place and bend the long end of the wire 90 degrees to the back to make the earring post.

diy teardrop earrings step 4

5 – Cut the post about 1 cm / ½″ in length and sand the end smooth with the sanding paper.

diy teardrop earrings step 5

6 – Repeat for other earring. Don’t forget to slide on the rubber backs while wearing the teardrop earrings to avoid loosing them. Done.

diy teardrop earrings step 6




diy teardrop earringsdiy teardrop earrings


How did your teardrop earrings turn out? Do you have additional tips for working the wire? Please share your experience with us.



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