How to make: signpost to fantasy worlds

Imagine: a signpost to all the fantasy worlds in your favourite and most cherished childhood stories.  Directions to all the adventurous memories, the  gripping moments, the lessons taught and the friendships  – even if they only existed in your imagination.


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Take a moment to think back to the breathtaking landscape of Middle earth, the glorious battles in Narnia or the neverending story in Fantastica. We shared Alice’s wonders and Peter’s everlasting youth, we followed the white rabbit and flew with the help of pixie dust.


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If it was in Wonderland, in Neverland, in Faraway or in Bullerby (Astrid Lindgren) we all lived for a while in a strange, fantastic place and witnessed the life lessons and growth of our temporary friends.


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I think now as adults, there is nothing more refreshing than the memories of the adventures we had when we grew up – although, or because, most of them took place in our creative minds. They had no limits.

To remind you of these great times, make yourself a signpost that points you in the direction of these fantasy worlds that are a big part of your growing up. And of your imagination.


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For your fantasy signpost you need:

signpost fantasy worlds material

  • a few popsicles
  • a skewer or one chopstick
  • white acrylic paint
  • craft paint for the lettering
  • brush
  • hot glue gun


1 –  Write the names of your favourite fantasy worlds on the popsicles. I decided to use cursive handwriting in copper to make it look a bit fairy like. If you can’t think of the worlds names in your favourite childhood stories right away, check out this list of fantasy worlds.

signpost fantasy writing

2 – On one side paint the negative space of a pointy end in white. Let it dry.

signpost fantasy direction

3 – Glue popsicles to the skewer. Done.

signpost fantasy glueingsignpost fantasy finished


Have you indulged in childhood adventures and memories of your favourite fantasy worlds while making your signpost? I definitely have and I think we all need a bit of fantasy in our adult lives now and then. It wakes up the brain cells.


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2 thoughts on “How to make: signpost to fantasy worlds

  1. Grandios! Die Idee lässt meinen Vormittag strahlen. :-)
    Ich seh sie beim nächsten Kindergeburtstag oder doch als Wegweiser in der Kleingartenanlage ;-)?

    Sei herrlich schmunzelnd lieb gegrüßt

    1. Liebste Sandra,
      hab herzlichen Dank für deine motivierenden Worte.
      Mal wieder Kind sein…vielleicht lassen sich deine beiden Vorschläge ja kombinieren…bei der eigenen Geburtstags-Garten-Party :-D
      Liebe Grüsse gehen zurück an dich,

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