How to make: picture frame that used to be a clothes hanger

All these beautiful pictures around us. Photographs, paintings, drawings, illustrations…all these wonderful boosters for your memory, your imagination or your creativity. Best to put them all up where you can see them and enjoy their full potential. But how? But…HOW?

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Why don’t you use the wire clothes hanger you got with your dry cleaned clothes to create a personal, upcycled picture frame? These wire clothes hanger are too flimsy for anything else anyway. Making your own picture frame gets the hangers out of your way – without any waste – and gives a photograph or illustration a new home to be displayed. And the good thing is: you can change pictures easily, so why not have a different picture displayed every week?

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I have so many beautiful pictures lying around, somewhere packed away, it makes me sad when I think of it. There is so much inspiration and happiness put away. Everyone should have his or her own gallery at home with all the pictures that inspire, encourage and make you happy. And the possibility to change pictures easily.

picture hanger 10


You need:

clothes hanger picture frame material

  • wire clothes hanger
  • 3 wooden pegs
  • craft paint and brush
  • picture



  • pliers
  • scissors
  • material for tissue paper flower


picture hanger 3

How to make the tissue paper flower:


If you want to put a tissue paper flower on your picture frame check out these links to see how to make one:

Click here to get a photo tutorial (scroll down a bit) or

here to get also instructions (make the small apricot one, the pink one is way too big).

I used 2 ply tissue (205 mm x 190 mm) cut it in half and used the four layers of tissue that I folded in accordion fold.


How to make the picture frame:


1 – Bend the hanger to a rectangle with your hands, either landscape or portrait according to your picture. If needed use pliers.

clothes hanger picture frame bend hanger

2 – Paint wooden pegs in your favourite  colour. I used bronze metal craft paint.

clothes hanger picture frame painting pegs

3 – Cut picture to the right size if necessary, just slightly smaller than the hanger rectangle.

4 – Attach paper flower if you choose.

clothes hanger picture frame attach flower

5 – Clip picture into the hanger frame. Done.


picture hanger 8

The flower girls I displayed are by Emily Winfield Martin, an illustrator from Portland, Oregon. I love the soft tones she used in her work. I got her artwork from Flow magazine, an amazing magazine for paper lovers, which printed several full pages of Emily’s flower girls. Flow has a international issue in English, shipped worldwide, check it out here.

The quote in the wire clothes hanger frame is made by me, I got the quote itself of the internet, sadly no author was stated.

picture hanger 1

If you have a clothes hanger with clips, paint the clips and clip in your favourite picture. For the third picture I simply used a giant bulldog clip.

What kind of pictures are displayed most in your home right now? What style, colours, composition speaks to you…?



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