How to make: beads & paper ornament

Have you always admired fancy looking decors and wondered how difficult it is to make them yourself? When I saw this paper ornament for the first time I immediately started to contemplate about how I am going to get that made. And I tell you guys, it’s not as difficult as it looks!

diy paper ornamentpaper ornament titlediy paper ornament

I saw one of these beads and paper ornaments hanging in the living room’s window when I visited my brother in Germany last year. His girlfriend bought it at a famous craft market in Munich. I was still planning this blog back then and this beautiful piece of paper craft sparked the idea to put a tutorial together on how to make this beads and paper ornament. And of course, I wanted to see if I am able to make it. With no instructions myself. And yes, I was.

diy paper ornamentdiy paper ornamentdiy paper ornament

I promise you, it is actually quite easy to make this. And if you will experience any difficulties you can always blame it on my poor instructions. I tried to explain every step as easy to follow as possible, though. So please shoot me any questions that may or may not arise.

diy paper ornamentdiy paper ornament

The fun thing is, you can make these paper ornaments matching to your interior or suitable for every season or holiday, just choose your colours accordingly. Or cut photographs of flowers into strips for a spring ornament.

diy paper ornament


For one beads and paper ornament you need:

diy paper ornament

  • ca 18cm/7″ of wire (will be trimmed)
  • pliers to bend and cut wire
  • three different papers or card stock (consider that you see front and back, I used pages of magazines with stunning photographs)
  • scissors
  • punch pliers (you can also use a thick needle to poke holes)
  • 13 beads + 2 small beads
  • 2 sequins or card stock circles  ∅ 2cm
  • yarn to hang ornament
  • optional: small pendant



1 – Cut the strips:

(1) For the thin outside strips in white: 7 x 1cm wide and 16 cm long

(2) For the creased outside strips in colour:  7 x 2cm wide and 16 cm long

(3) For the inside short strips: 5 x 1 cm wide and 8,5 cm long

diy paper ornament

2 – Crease the (2)strips in the middle and open them again.

paper ornament crease

3 – Cut the edges of the (2)strips round.

diy paper ornament


4 – Punch holes at the end of all strips. Use the smallest setting of your punch pliers. Punch holes in the middle of the sequins/circles.

paper ornament punching holes

5 – Bend the bunches of paper strips (1) and (3) in a half circle, that makes it easier to thread them.

paper ornament bending strips

6 – Twist the end of the wire and make a small loop (you can put the pendant in that loop if you choose) and start threading following this order (see image below and go from bottom to top):

small bead, bead, sequin, bottom hole of all (1)strips, 2 beads, bottom hole of all (2)strips, bead, bottom hole of all (3)strips, 5 beads, upper hole of (3)strips – fan out all (3) strips, bead, upper hole of all (2)strips – fan out all (2) strips, 2 beads, upper hole of all (1)strips – one by one between the (2)strips, sequin, bead, small bead.

– If you like to make the shape of the grey one, just use 1 bead where it says 2 beads – 

Twist another loop on the end and trim off any excess wire.

Important: When you thread the end of each set of strips, fan out the strips before you continue.

paper ornament assembling

7 – Thread the yarn and hang your ornament. Done.


diy paper ornamentdiy paper ornamentdiy paper ornament

So, how difficult was it? What colours/theme did you pick for your paper ornament? Please share with us.



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