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How to make: paper doily dreamcatcher

I love these lace doily dreamcatchers that are all over Pinterest. Too bad that I am not in possession of a lace doily, nor is my grandma near by to ask her for an early inheritance of such thing. So I created a paper version made with a paper doily.

It’s easy to get paper doilies and due to their nature, you can personalise them with cut out letters or motives of your choice. Which is a double plus, I’d say.




Imagine this paper doily dreamcatcher as decor at a bohemian outdoor wedding. I absolutely love that, there will be a few bohemian dreamcatchers at my wedding for sure. To personalise it, cut out the initials of the couple. It would also make a pretty, personal present for any anniversary, birthday or engagement.






For your paper doily dreamcatcher you need:




  • paper doily
  • hoop (slightly bigger than doily)
  • white paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • fabric strips
  • embroidery yarn (in colour and white)
  • crochet hook
  • craft knife and cutting mat
  • super glue



1 –  If you want to decorate your paper doily with the initials of a happy couple, a heart or something similar, you need to draw the motif onto the middle of the doily.

Remember for letters like A, B, D etc. the inner section has to have a connection to the frame, otherwise it will fall out. The same does apply for any motif. You can check on for stencil letters inspiration.

After sketching, cut out the motif with the craft knife and the cutting mat.



2 – Make a few paper feathers in different sizes. First draw a feather shape and cut it out, then make small incisions on the edges. If you stack a few layers of paper, you get a few feathers with one cut. I made three slightly bigger ones and three smaller ones.




3 – String the paper doily to the hoop with the coloured yarn. Typically the doily has a lacy edge, so you can thread the embroidery yarn through the gaps. Loop the yarn around the hoop, thread it through the doily and loop it around the hoop again and so on. When you’re back at the beginning, make a knot and cut off any excess yarn.




4 – Now you can knot the fabric strips onto the bottom of the hoop.





5 – If you want to add something romantic, but you don’t have any lace ribbon on hand, do  some very loose crochet chains with the embroidery yarn. It will be a stunning bohemian addition to the fabric strips.

If you never have done crochet before, first check out this video for the slip knot and then this video for the chain stitch. Remember, for this dreamcatcher fringe we are using a very thin yarn and crocheting very loose, to get this lacy look.


6 – Take the paper feathers and arrange them on the sides of the hoop. Alternate different sizes, e.g. I positioned a small one on top of a bigger one and so on. When you’re happy with the arrangement, glue the feathers to the hoop, starting with the bottommost one.




7 – Add some yarn to hang the paper doily dreamcatcher. Done.






Will you make this paper doily dreamcatcher to decorate your own party or will it be a present for loved ones? Either way I am pretty sure it will be an eye-catcher.




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