diy moustache key ring

How to make: moustache key ring for Dads and other Heroes

I always get a bit confused with the date of Father’s Day. Especially because it’s a different date in different countries. In Germany, for example, Father’s Day was already on 25th May (Ascension Day), but in the US and South Africa, it’s celebrated on the third Sunday in June. Although this moustache key ring is not necessarily for Father’s Day, it makes a cute Father’s Day present that you could even make with your kids.


diy moustache key ringdiy moustache key ring


I also have a free printable for all the Dad heroes. You find three DIY ways to display the printable in the post as well. But the easiest is to just print and use it as a card for Dad.

But also for all the non-dads, this moustache key ring is a sweet hand-made gift. If you find key rings boring, attach it to his sports bag or car mirror.


diy moustache key ringdiy moustache key ring


The photo shoot this time was a real challenge because I got an assistant who’s not very helpful, actually quite the opposite. Almost seven weeks ago a little tuxedo kitten joined us in our home. His name is Akela and he has a lot of energy (if he’s not sleeping) and is interested in everything new, moving or climbable. So you can imagine how the photo shoot with a small moustache key ring (a new toy!) went. I blame everything that is not perfect on the kitten! :)

But who can stay angry with this cute little fellow?!




But back to the topic…

To make the moustache key ring you need:

  • leather
  • glue
  • sharp scissors
  • printed template (download it here)
  • pen
  • ribbon
  • key ring
  • optional: beads



1 – Cut the moustache out of the template (download the template here). Trace it twice on the backside of the leather.


2 – Cut the moustaches out of the leather.


3 – Apply glue to the backside of one moustache. Take a small piece of ribbon, fold it in half (if you want beads, string them before you glue the ribbon between the leather) and place it on the side with glue where you want the loop for the key ring to be.

4 – Then place the second moustache with its backside onto the side with glue of the first moustache. Make sure they fit together correctly. Press them firmly together and let it dry.

5 – Attach the key ring to the ribbon loop. Done.


diy moustache key ring




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