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Hi my friends, what about these white walls in your home? Pretty boring, right? Something’s missing, right?  I’ve got an inexpensive way to display your favourite poster.

Your home needs attention. Then in return your home can give you that comfy feeling of really being at home. I believe the best attention you can give your home is taking care of details. To look around and always discover something new to look at. That’s what I love most. And a big part of that are pictures on the wall.


mount your favourite poster_on_canvas


There are so many beautiful posters, postcards or prints on some old magazine page, that would look stunning on your wall.

But it is hard to find them picture frames. And if the picture is quite big, it gets costly, too.

But a plain poster on the wall? Looks somehow cheap and reminds me of my childhood room. So why not mounting the picture on a neat canvas? I love this inexpensive and really fast way to make your favourite picture look great on any wall.


All you need is:


  • a picture.
  • a canvas approximately the size of your picture, or bigger if you want a frame around it.
  • paper glue like Mod Podge and a brush (I used wall paper paste) – or spray glue.
  • a rotary cutter and a cutting mat – or scissors.



  • Acrylic paint and brush to paint the canvas.



1. If you don’t want a white canvas you need to paint it first (my advice: use a neutral tone – matching a colour to your picture is harder than you think). You only need to paint the sides (all the way around to the back) and edges and at least 2cm more into the front side than you want the frame around your picture. Any acrylic paint will do. Let it dry completely.

2. Now carefully cut your picture to the size of the canvas. If you want a frame around your picture, the size of your picture should be that much smaller than the canvas.


3. I am sure you know how to prepare the paper glue. Otherwise follow the instructions on the box. Once ready, take a brush and start covering the canvas with the glue. If your picture is smaller than the canvas, don’t worry about being too precise, paper glue dries clear, so you won’t see it on the canvas. Don’t use too much though, you don’t want it to soak through the paper.04applying_glue

4. Now it’s time to apply the picture to the canvas, bit by bit, carefully, from the bottom to the top. Try to push out any air bubbles with a soft cloth in an upwards movement on every newly applied part of the canvas. After you attached the whole picture to the canvas and you’re happy with the result, turn the canvas around and press canvas and paper to the table to bind them firmly together.


5. Let it dry completely.

6. Find the perfect spot for your new canvas. Done.


My Advice: if your poster has folds, you can minimise the folds by ironing the poster (low heat, no steam!) before you mount it on the canvas.

your favourite poster_on_canvas

Can’t wait to see your favourite poster on canvas. Or why not make a gift for a loved one? Maybe you mount the little princess poster for your daughter. Or the poster of the sports hero or the cute robot print for your son. What about the poster of the famous rock band for your husband? Or the photograph of the epic moment ten years ago with your best girlfriend?


On which one do you decide? Let me know, drop a comment.



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