How to make: No sew Mother’s Day gift wall hanging

It is this time again…everyone is looking for a Mother’s Day gift once again. Flowers? Chocolate? Really? Why not a handmade Mother’s Day gift, a sign for everyone to see, to honour the greatness of the woman who gave you life and raised you?


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This year I will be with my mum in Germany. I can’t remember when last I have been with her on that day. It is quite rare that I have time with her and my Dad, so I am very much looking forward to spending some quality time with them.


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When I saw a mug on Pinterest saying “Well done, Ma! I am awesome” I wanted to include this in my Mother’s Day gift this year. All these “Thank you”s and “You’re the best”s are very valid, but still boring. Your Mum’s – actually your parent’s – greatest achievement is probably raising you to the awesome person you are today. And that despite all her other achievements in life – raising and guiding another human being to become a kind, strong, wonderful person is the toughest job there is, I guess.


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So tell your mum that she did a wonderful job. Do it with this year’s Mother’s Day gift, a wall hanging, for everyone to see how great your mum is. No sewing involved.


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Or if you prefer, print these handmade Mother’s Day cards and write something personal. You can download the cards here.

free printable cards mothers day


For your Mother’s Day gift you need:

mothersday gift material

  • fabric
  • fabric shears
  • bamboo skewer 30 cm / 12″
  • paint in different colours (fabric paint, acrylic or craft paint) I used yellow, white (to mix), red and bronze fabric paint
  • paint brush
  • masking tape
  • brush (size 3) or fabric pen
  • various wooden beads
  • yarn
  • glue
  • printer paper
  • scissors



1 – Choose a shape you’d like to use and make a template by folding a printer paper sheet lengthwise in half and cut half the shape. That way you get a symmetrical template. I chose a rounded triangle:

mothers day gift making template

2 – Cut your favoured shape out of the fabric. Take into consideration that you need an allowance on top of approx. 3 cm to fold a tube for the skewer.

3 – Section off the first part you want to paint with masking tape. Paint the section. Remove  the tape. Section off another part, overlapping a bit with the already painted part. Continue, until you are happy. Let it dry.

wall hanging colouringwall hanging colouring 2

4 – Write your message first on a piece of paper that you see how much space you need. Position the message in the middle of your fabric, start writing on the fabric. It’s a bit more work if you do it with a brush and paint instead of a fabric pen, but it also works. I chose “Well done, Ma! I’m awesome.” Because it makes me smile every time I read it. Let it dry.

mothers day gift writing

5 – Turn your fabric around and apply glue on the upper edge and fold it down, creating a tube for the skewer.

mothers day gift tunnel


6 – Push the skewer through the tube. Thread wooden beads on a piece of yarn (make a knot at the end) and tie the yarn on the skewer so that on both sides the yarn is hanging down with some beads on it.

mothers day gift finished

7 – Surprise your Mum with this handmade Mother’s Day gift. Done.


mothers day gift 4mothers day gift 2


How did your mum react to her very special Mother’s Day gift?





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