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How to make: super easy jewellery display mirror

This Friday I got a super easy and quick tutorial for you guys. Do you love jewellery?

Do you have already lots of earrings and can’t resist buying another pair? Do you not know where to keep your necklaces? Have you made the super cute leather bow necklace, dip dyed fringe jewellery or some lace earrings and want to display them?
(If you haven’t made any yet, check out the tutorials)


jewellery mirror


Are you looking for a way to display your favourite jewellery, but at the same time want to have a mirror close by for deciding what to wear? Then this is for you.

The super easy jewellery display mirror.


jewellery display mirror side2jewellery mirror abovejewellery display mirror titlejewellery mirror necklaces


You need:

jewellery mirror material

  • Mirror
  • Screw hooks



  • Drilling machine (you only need one to drill the holes for the screw hooks, if the wood of the frame is too hard to drill the hooks in by hand)
  • Ribbon to hang the mirror


You do:

1. Measure the bottom edge of the mirror and decide which distance you want the hooks to be at. Mark the positions with a pencil.

2. Drill the screw hooks into the bottom side of the mirror frame. Align them that their open side faces the front. If you can’t screw them in by hand, drill tiny holes with the drilling machine first (the holes must be slightly smaller than the screws).

jewellery mirror screws

3. If you want, tie a pretty ribbon on the hanger at the back of the mirror to give it a different look.

jewellery display mirror finished4. Easy peasy. Done.

jewellery display mirror side3jewellery display mirror earringsjewellery display mirror sidejewellery display mirror screw hooks

Let us know your favourite jewellery display. What other awesome ideas are out there?



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