How to make: heart print on a t-shirt

Valentine’s Day is coming up. I want to take the opportunity to celebrate LOVE. With that cute heart print on a t-shirt.

In my opinion we shouldn’t have only one specific day to celebrate love. We should celebrate the love in our lives through out the year, every day if possible. It’s the most important and most wonderful thing. With love everything is possible, love makes us feel appreciated, special and safe. Hell yeah, let’s celebrate! ♥


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I’m gonna celebrate like crazy this weekend. We are invited to our friends Maryke and Jopie’s wedding and will spend the whole weekend celebrating their love with them. It’s a perfect occasion to wear my heart print t-shirt – not at the ceremony, of course.

Make your very one, unique heart print t-shirt. You can choose how many hearts you want on your shirt. Scroll down for an example with just one heart. This little heart print transforms every ordinary shirt to a unique, extraordinary garment with a statement for love.



heart print shirt titleheart print shirt 1heart print shirt 9


You need:


heart print material

  • cotton t-shirt
  • fabric paint
  • stencil brush
  • template printed on thick paper (for one time use) OR template printed and a piece of transparency film*  approx. 10 cm x 10 cm /  4″x 4″ (if you want to print more than one time)
  • cardboard to put in between shirt
  • clips
  • fine permanent marker (if you’ll use transparency film)
  • small scissors OR cutting mat and craft knife
  • iron

Optional: repositionable spray adhesive

*You can use a piece of a transparent polypropylene file folder, you know these simple folders you use in the office to keep documents organised (cut off a piece) or a overhead (ya, these old school devices) transparency film.


How to prepare:

If your t-shirt is new, wash it before printing. Let dry completely.


How to make the stencil:

For one-time use you can print the template (download it here) on thick paper and use that as your stencil. Cut within the heart lines and then cut the heart stencil to approx. 10 cm x 10 cm /  4″x 4″.

heart print cut stencil

If you want to use your stencil several times for different projects, you need a transparent polypropylene film. Print template (download it here) on paper, place the film on top of the print and trace the heart with the permanent marker. Cut within the heart. If you make a mistake, you can fix it with clear tape.


How to print:

1 – Place cardboard in between t-shirt to avoid the paint bleeding through to the back of the t-shirt. Also do not thin the paint. Watery paint will bleed under your stencil edges.

stencil print cardboard


2 – Use clips to make sure the cardboard doesn’t change position.

3 – Place your heart stencil on the t-shirt, where you want the heart print to be.

stencil print position stencil

Optional: Take stencil off and spray the BACK slightly with spray adhesive (repositionable), put it back on the t-shirt and press slightly around the stencil edges.

heart print stencil spray

5 – Apply paint with a gentle pounding motion, holding the brush straight vertically.

heart print stencil printing


6 – Cover the heart with paint and let it dry for some minutes before you lift the stencil. Once it has been moved, it is almost impossible to replace it exactly in the same way.

7 – If you will use more then one colour, make sure the brush is clean and dry before you use it with the next colour or use more then one brush (one for each colour).

8 – When the heart is dry to touch, reposition the stencil for the next heart and repeat steps 3 till 6. Go on like this until you have as many hearts on your t-shirt as you desire.

heart print stencil repostioning

8 – Let dry for at least 24 hours, then iron as per instructions on the fabric paint. Done.


heart print shirt 5heart print shirt 8heart print shirt 7


Even just one little golden heart printed on the pocket gives the t-shirt a whole new look:

heart print shirt 10


I will use my heart print stencil over and over again. On shirts, bags, panties and so on. Spread the love and spread the little heart print. With what will you start?



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