How to make: hanging bottle vases

Slowly I’m getting excited! I may not have mentioned it here on the blog yet, but I’m getting married beginning of next year. And due to my DIY nature, it is the plan to make all the decoration myself. You wouldn’t have expected it any other way, right? If you’re planning on doing the same, you might want to check out my DIY wedding category for inspiration. I must maybe say, that I am all for a colourful bohemian dancing party, so no decor for an elegant, sophisticated wedding affair here. Today I’m sharing these super easy hanging bottle vases with you.

I’m trying to stay within our budget while planning this wedding, but I will definitely have flowers. And a clever way to display only a few flowers in a unique and eye-catching way are these small hanging bottle vases.



This project was a bit of a trial and error situation. I first used wine bottles for this project, but it turned out that they are too heavy. The bottle easily slips through the wire (or twine) wrapped around its neck, so I wouldn’t recommend it. The pretty green wine bottles I collected so far will serve now as standing vases or table lanterns.

It’s best to use small bottles like any small decorative glass bottle or bottles from drinks like Campari Soda. They have much less weight and additionally, they look cute. To get the marble look onto the bottle check out how to make watercolour design with nail polish.




To make these hanging bottle vases you need:

  • small glass bottles
  • copper wire
  • pliers


1 – Cut a long piece of wire, decide on the length by considering where you want to hang it. Wrap the wire a few times tight around the neck of the small glass bottle.


2 – Twist both ends of the wire with each other to secure it. Done!



diy hanging bottle vases


I had so much fun at this photo shoot as these poppies, ranunculus and snapdragons are the most beautiful blooms. I think they are my new favourite flowers. Which ones are yours?


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