How to make: envelope laptop case with faux leather belt

The tutorial for this laptop case comes with two stories that became one.

First story:
A few weeks ago I got a new laptop. This was actually long overdue. I don’t know how you decide what to buy, when you need a new tech item. But I was giving it a lot of thoughts – also about the financial aspect – and discussed it with my boyfriend a lot.

Now I finally got a new laptop – definitely the more expensive choice – and I must say, I am quite thrilled. I love working with it, which makes the whole blogging experience so much more fun!

The second story:
A long time ago I bought some fabric remnants from the Skinny laMinx shop in Cape Town, the tiny shop of blogger and textile designer Heather Moore. I love her simple prints and the sturdy fabrics. And I love the fact that I can buy off-cuts per 100 grams. Much more useful for my purpose than buying per meter.

I was lucky and got one or two pieces that I can definitely use for something bigger than a pencil pouch. And after I got my new laptop, it struck me: a laptop case! This was the perfect purpose for the mustard blobs, as I fondly call this print.


envelope laptop case flap


And so the first story comes together with the second one, bound together with a faux leather belt that I found in the build-in cupboard, when we moved into our flat – thank you previous tenant!

I admire this love story and my new MacBook is excited about its new home. But see for yourselves:
envelope laptop case titleenvelope laptop case labelenvelope laptop case planeenvelope laptop case openbuckle envelope laptop case


How to make a template fitted for your laptop:

Grab your measure tape, we are going to make a template for your personal envelope laptop case! You need some paper, enough for approx. three times the size of your laptop, newspaper is just fine. Measure width, height and depth of your laptop (or check them online) and then draw a template as follow:

laptop case measurementsNote:

width + height + 1cm / 1/2˝ (0,5 cm / 1/4˝ seam allowance on each side).  Use 1,5 cm / 5/8˝ if you want a wider seam allowance

Cut it out at the yellow lines and you have a template for your envelope laptop case.


You need (without labels):

laptopcase material

  • sewing machine (with leather needle if you use a leather belt)
  • fabric
  • felt
  • belt
  • pins
  • template
  • sewing thread in matching colour
  • scissors
  • iron
  • 4 clips
  • pencil or tailor’s chalk
  • punch pliers


And here we go:

1. Pin the template on the left side of the felt and cut it on the edge of the pattern.

2. Pin the template on the left side of the fabric and cut it out with 1 cm / 1/2˝ allowance all around (this will be folded in later). It might be easier to cut evenly when you mark the cutting line first with a pencil or tailor’s chalk with 1 cm / 1/2˝ distance to the template.

3. Cut out little triangles around the edges. Careful: Only cut within the 1 cm / 1/2˝allowance!

laptop case step 2 and 3

4. Fold the seam allowance (left on left) and press it. Try to get the edges as smooth and round as possible, the cut-out triangles should help.

5. Pin the fabric on the felt (left on left). Sew all sides together with a straight stitch, this seam will be visible.

laptop case step 4 and 5

6. Fold the laptop case around your laptop, use the clips to hold the sides together (they get sewn together last). Wrap the belt around the middle and mark where to cut it. It is important to fit the belt while the laptop is in the unfinished laptop case, otherwise it might end up too short. Also mark the position of the belt on the fabric. Cut off the excess belt.

7. Unfold the laptop case and sew the belt onto the piece (see image below). Careful: measure the points where to sew on the belt while wrapped around the laptop!

laptop case step 6 and 7

8. To make the handle: take cut-off excess piece of belt and sew it on the top side. I used a zig zag stitch and sewed two seams on both sides. To make it strong enough, sew back and forth a few times. Again: measure and fit while laptop is inside the case, mark the position with a pencil or tailor’s chalk. Remember to leave space between case and handle, your hand has to fit in between.

laptop case step 8

9. Pin the sides of the laptop case together and sew over the visible seam (I used a triple straight stitch to make the seam strong). Careful: Remember your seam allowance, make sure it doesn’t get too tight for your laptop.

10. Punch one or two new holes into the belt.

laptop case step 9 and 10

11. Et voilà. Your new home for your laptop.


envelope laptop case deskenvelope laptop casehandle envelope laptop case


This case looks stunning already without the handle. So just decide if you need one or not, in case you put it in your backpack or handbag anyway. What colour themes will you use? What about a white belt? Ahh, so many possibilities…



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