How to make: simple embossed envelope

You might have noticed already that I am a big believer in snail mail and personal notes. For this reason, I am always looking for ways to make pretty writing paper, cards or envelopes, because pretty is half the deal, isn’t it? One example are my printables to decorate your snail mail. I must admit, a few months ago, I didn’t even know what embossing is. And when I first saw images of an embossed envelope (with glitter!) on Pinterest I wasn’t interested at all, it’s not really my taste.

diy embossed envelope 10diy embossed envelope TITLEdiy embossed envelope 2


But there are also other examples of embossed paper goods. Small embossed details, simple, elegant. And man, do I love these! I’ve always been a sucker for small, unexpected details on design products. A small embossed detail on an envelope or card is exactly that.


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If you’re with me on that, I have good news: it is so easy to emboss paper with a small, simple detail. You don’t even need to buy embossing tools – not that they are very expensive, I bought mine quite cheap at a craft shop – you can use anything that has a pointy, but blunt end, like a knitting needle, a bamboo skewer or a push pencil without the lead.



I am working on the designs for different greeting cards, so I decided to emboss envelopes to complement the cards. But you can also emboss your writing paper or a handmade greeting card.





To make your embossed envelope you need:


DIY emboss envelopes material

  • pen
  • cardboard
  • craft knife
  • cutting mat
  • masking tape
  • envelopes
  • embossing tools OR knitting needle/bamboo skewer or the like



1 – Make your stencil. Draw a simple design or letter on the cardboard. If you choose a letter like A, B or O, remember that the inner section has to have a connection to the frame, otherwise it will fall out. You can check on for stencil letters inspiration.

Tipp: If you don’t feel comfortable with drawing, print your design and trace it with carbon paper and a ball pen onto the cardboard.

diy embossed envelope step 1

2 – Cut out the design or letter with a craft knife.

diy embossed envelope step 2

3 – Place the stencil on the outside of the envelope flap, position it (stay clear of the seal adhesive) and secure it with masking tape. Turn the envelope around and hold it against a window, so you can see the stencil through the paper (letters must be back-to-front).

diy embossed envelope step 3

4 – Trace the outlines of your stencil gently with your embossing tool. The paper will yield slightly and a relief will form towards the outside of the envelope. Be careful not to use too much pressure, the paper will tear otherwise.

diy embossed envelope step 4


5 – Remove the stencil. Done.

diy embossed envelope step 5



diy embossed envelope 1diy embossed envelope 8


What detail will you choose to make your embossed envelope? Or will you rather emboss writing paper?




2 thoughts on “How to make: simple embossed envelope

  1. Great info. I used to do that but have forgotten how I did it! can you buy stencils or must you make them…Thanks so much for great info

    1. Hi Judi, I’m happy if I could help you remember. This technique is one of my favourites! Of course, you can buy stencils, I recommend small ones, though.
      The advantage of making your own is you can make whatever shape you want.
      Happy embossing!

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