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How to make: quick & easy paper bunting garland

There is always a reason for celebration! And always a reason for inviting friends over. And with a little bit of handmade decoration, it immediately looks merry. But what, if you don’t have time to make a lot of decorations?

Last Sunday I invited friends to celebrate my blog launch, which happened a week ago, with me. I was looking for an easy, quick way to decorate our space in a way that puts you immediately in celebration mood.


And what is better for that than a paper bunting garland? Especially if you can make it in a few minutes. I made two garlands while watching a movie with my boyfriend the night before the party.

paper buntingpaper bunting flowerspaper bunting detail



I liked the look of the paper bunting garlands in our flat so much that I decided to make it a more permanent decor. As neon colours are not quite in my home’s colour scheme the additional garlands are in softer colour palettes. And they feature delicious images of the advertising magazine of a local food shop – strawberries, yum!


paper bunting garland

I bet you can find a lot of beautiful images in magazines. Just look for images within your desired colour scheme. The garland will look more professional if you mix different patterns and images with plain coloured triangles.

If you like it small, use the template for the mini paper bunting garland. It is really cute and makes an awesome decoration in small spaces.

mini bunting branch

But now, start creating!


For the paper bunting garland you need:

paper bunting material

  • sheets of colourful paper (preferably DIN A4/letter sheets). If the paper is coloured on both side you will get a double sided bunting garland.
  • scissors
  • thread
  • sewing needle
  • printed template (download here)


mini bunting


1 – Cut out the template that you want (download the template here).

2 – Folding instructions:

For the bigger bunting:

Take a paper sheet in landscape format and fold it in half on horizontal axis (see red line in image), unfold and cut it along the crease.

Put both halves on top of each other (portrait) and fold on the horizontal axis. Fold again on horizontal axis (see red lines in image):


paper bunting folding


For the mini bunting:

Cut strips of paper with the same width than the height of the mini bunting template. Put two strips on top of each other and fold in half (see right image above), repeat until the size is still a little bit bigger than the template.


3 – Hold the template on the folded paper. Cut around the template. Now you have already a few paper triangles for your bunting.


paper bunting cutting


4 – Repeat the whole process until you have as many triangles as you want for your bunting garland.

5 – Thread the needle and string the bunting triangles by stitching the needle through the paper (you’ll find marks on the template). First from the front to the back, then from the back to the front again. The dotted line in the image below shows where the thread goes at the back:

paper bunting threading




6 – Leave as much distance between the triangles as you like, you can easily rearrange them later again.

7 – Knot a loop on each end and hang your new paper bunting garland. Done.


paper bunting with flowersmini bunting detail

I hope your new quick and easy paper bunting garland made your celebration day! Let me know the reason for your party. And what kind of paper or pattern did you go for?




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