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How to make: easy paper leaf advent wreath

Christmas is a time with a lot of childhood memories. A certain smell, grandma’s special Christmas food or a family tradition reminds us of the Christmas we spent with our families when we grew up.

One tradition in Germany, where I grew up, is the advent wreath. Do you know what an advent wreath is? My South African boyfriend doesn’t. So maybe it’s quite a German thing.


advent wreath definition


So for the last four Sundays before Christmas, every Sunday one more candle gets lit. Even as a child with no sense of time, it was very obvious that Christmas was coming closer and closer! When all four candles were burning Christmas was very close! Very exciting!



Sorry, I lit the candles just for the photoshoot…Christmas is still a few weeks ago.



Somehow I thought about this tradition recently and decided to bring it to Cape Town, where I live now. Of course, the whole set up with an evergreen wreath and four red candles was thought over carefully.



So I came up with this ever white paper leaf wreath and simple white tea light candles in tiny planting pots. Doesn’t it look pretty?

And I promise it is easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of your time.


For the paper leaf advent wreath you need:
  • paper advent wreath material4 tea light candles
  • 4 mini planting pots
  • 1 sheet of white paper
  • tiny cones or mini baubles
  • glue stick for paper
  • white paint + brush
  • gold craft paint
  • scissors



1 – Fold the long edge of the paper to a flat tube approx. 4 cm / 1.5″ wide. Cut it and glue the overlapping part together. Repeat, but with a different width (e.g. 3 cm / 1″ ).

advent wreath paper folding tubeadvent wreath paper gluing tube

2 – Cut 1 cm / ½″ wide pieces off of the paper tube. You don’t have to be too precise with the width, just try to cut straight. Open the pieces up until they look like leaves.

advent wreath paper cutting tube

3 – Arrange the bigger leaves in a circle. My advice: It helps to draw a circle on a scrap paper (find an object you can use as a template and draw a line around) and arrange the leaves on that circle. Take a picture with your phone to which you can refer to if you need. Then start glueing the leaves together.

advent wreath arrange

4 – Add the smaller leaves, when the circle is done.

5 – Paint the cones with white paint and let them dry.

advent wreath paint cones

6 – Paint the upper outside of the aluminium cup around the tea light candles with gold paint.

advent wreath paint light

7 – Arrange the cones or baubles on your paper advent wreath, place the tealight candles in the mini pots and place them within the wreath. Done. Christmas can come.




I am really looking forward to the advent time now and to lighting a candle each Sunday – it only starts on the last Sunday of November, though. A little, tiny part of me feels like a child again … counting the days till Christmas.


What is your favourite Christmas memory? Please share.



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