easter egg bunny ears

How to make: easter egg bunny ears

Since I am not a kid anymore, easter has lost a bit of it’s charm for me. I enjoyed the family brunch still a lot, but since I’m not living close to my family anymore that also is not happening anymore. So why do a post about easter decoration?

I browsed the web a bit for inspiration to decide if I wanna do a easter post. I was not very convinced. But then I stumbled upon the Sandra’s blog ZWO:STE and her cute easter egg bunny ears and I was hooked. I wanted to craft easter egg bunny ears right now. So I did. My own version of course.


easter egg bunny earseaster egg bunny ears easter egg bunny ears 3


Sandra’s blog is in German, but even if you don’t speak German it is worth to check out her blog, just for the beautiful images. Go ahead, get inspired.


easter egg bunny ears 7easter egg bunny ears 9easter egg bunny ears 10


And then craft these really simple easter egg bunny ears. Right now.

You need:

easter egg bunny ears material

  • aluminium wire
    (I used black coated one) ∅ 1,2 mm
    you can use any other wire, aluminium is just very easy to bend, so you can use your hands
  • pliers to cut wire
  • tape (in the colour of the wire or clear)


1 – Cut approx. 30 cm of wire for each bunny ear wire tiara. Bend the wire in the shape of bunny ears, try to place the ears in the middle of the wire.

easter egg bunny ears bend wire


2 – Bend the ends of the wire together in a circle – get an egg to measure the diameter you need. Wrap tape around the wire ends to secure them.

easter egg bunny ears

3 – Repeat until you have as many easter egg bunny ears as you need for your easter breakfast.

easter egg bunny

4 – Place the easter egg bunny ears on your boiled easter egg. Done.


easter egg bunny ears 6easter egg bunny ears 8easter egg bunny ears 5


Fun fact: since I am living in Cape Town, South Africa, I haven’t seen white eggs, only brown ones. Maybe I don’t look at the right places or maybe there are no white eggs in South Africa? Does anyone know?

So I will enjoy my South African easter with brown eggs and bunny ears! What is your favourite easter tradition?



2 thoughts on “How to make: easter egg bunny ears

  1. Hi Selina,
    deine Knickohr-Hasen-Tiara ist eine super niedliche Weiterentwickling der Drahtohren. :-) Ich mag sie sehr und auf braunen Eiern sogar lieber.

    Und vielen Dank für die lieben Worte zu meinem Blog.
    Wie ich laß, teilen wir die Liebe zu kleinen feinen DIY-Projekten für zwischendurch. :-)

    Ganz liebe Grüße ins sonnige Kapstadt,

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