diy dotted teapot and cups

How to make: dotted teapot and cups

Do you know that craving for a nice aromatic cup of freshly brewed coffee? I currently try to drink as little coffee as possible and this is not an easy task. I was a big coffee lover. Nothing compares with a cup of good coffee. But my gut says otherwise and so I try my best to stay clear. That leaves me with tea. Luckily I have this lovely dotted teapot and these cute cups now.



Since I found this set in an Asian supermarket in Seapoint (a seafront neighbourhood in Cape Town), I wanted to upgrade it with some porcelain paint. Initially, it was meant as a present for one of the many tea drinkers I know, but now I might just keep it. The dotted pattern looks far more complicated as it is. You will see when you make it how easy the toothpick applies the dots.




For the dotted teapot with cups you need:


  • ceramic teapot and cups
  • porcelain paint
  • toothpick
  • Optional: nail polish remover and pad



1 – Make sure that the surface you want to paint is clean and dry. Then dip the toothpick into the paint and make different sized dots on the side of the teapot. For the smaller dots, you just have to hold the toothpick against the porcelain and let the paint form a dot. The bigger dots you have to paint by spreading the paint drop into a circle. Combine different sizes and space in between.


2 – Do the same on the cups. Let it dry for 24 hours and then bake the items according to the instructions of the porcelain paint you use. Done.



Obviously, you don’t have to make a dotted teapot, any ceramics will work. Maybe you want a new dotted cereal bowl or an upgraded coffee mug (I envy you a little). I imagine that the dotted pattern looks also very nice in blue or green or with two similar colour tones in one pattern. The latter gives it more depth.

What do you think?






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