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How to make: decorative paper star

The first time I saw a decorative paper star like this, I knew I had to make one myself. I remember, several years ago I decorated my room in Munich, Germany, with similar looking, but bought paper stars and I adored them. So now with Christmas coming up, it’s a perfect time to make a DIY paper star. These stars look so elaborate and fancy, but really, they are quite easy to make.




These paper stars are not only perfect for Christmas but are amazing for giving any special event the decoration it needs. If you are having a winter wedding, these stars will make a beautiful sparkly decoration for your big day. The paper star gets its festive shimmer when you spray the paper with metallic spray paint beforehand.






For your decorative paper star you need:

  • 2 square paper sheets per star (I used normal printing paper, sprayed with copper spray paint)
  • scissors
  • copper wire or string
  • paper glue
  • glue gun
  • pencil
  • ruler


1 – Fold the square diagonal in half (it creates a triangle), open it up again. Turn it 90° and repeat.


2 – Fold the open square lengthwise in half, open it and fold it in half widthwise. Open it up.


3 – Mark a little less than halfway of the length from the edge to the centre of the four centre lines. Cut along each fold until you reach the mark.

Example: The mark should be about 4/10 of the length of the fold line from the middle to the edge. The fold from the centre to the edge of my big paper star is 10,5 cm, so the cut is 4,5 cm. The fold line of the small stars is 5 cm and the cut is 1,8 cm. My advice: do one test run, to get the perfect cut length for your star size.


4 – Fold each flap towards the diagonal fold lines. Repeat on each side until you have a four-pointed star shape.


5 – Apply paper glue to every other flap. Pull the flap without paper glue on top of the adjacent flap with glue and press them together. Try to align the cut edge of the top flap with the folded edge of the glue-covered flap.

Turn the star around and define carefully the folds and creases with your fingers.


6 – Thread a piece of wire in a loop through one of the points and bend the wire to a knot on the inside, so it doesn’t slip through the opening.


7 – Repeat steps 1 till 6 with the second paper square.

8 – Glue the two stars together with the glue gun, back sides facing each other and forming an eight-pointed paper star. Let it dry. Hang where everyone can see it. Done.





I’m still looking for the perfect place to hang these beauties. Where would be the place for them in your home?

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