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How to make: decorative boho pebbles

I just discovered that I am in love with everything bohemian. You probably shake your head and think “wow, she’s a fast one”. I can’t blame you, yes, that’s me  – only start falling for trends when they are almost over again. Anyway, I am converted now and you will see more posts that fall into the category bohemian, starting with these boho pebbles.

To defend myself, I have to say I had a collection of gemstones and crystals when I was a teenager and always loved rustic decor and some “hippie” clothes, so I guess my taste didn’t change that much, it just has a different name now.




You might have seen that I added another category: DIY wedding. For those of you who don’t want to stop creating when it comes to that very special day. You’ll find a collection of decor, accessories and jewellery ideas for a handmade wedding. The posts are not specifically written for weddings, you can make the items for any other occasion. But I put together posts that I think would enrich your big day, as they are completely adjustable in colours,  material and size etc., so you can match them perfectly to your wedding theme. Let yourself be inspired!




This is also how I got the idea for these boho pebbles. I think they’d make wonderful wedding favours for your guests, if you are having a colourful wedding. Or imagine them brightening up your table decor. I definitely will make more of these!




For the big stone with the dotted mandala I followed the tutorial of Barbara of Colorful Crafts. She explains step by step how to paint these beautiful mandalas on the stones. Visit her blog if you want to paint the dotted mandala or get some tips on how to combine colours, for the other boho pebbles you find the instructions below.



For your boho pebbles you need:


  • flat pebbles with smooth surface
  • craft/acrylic paint: black and your favourite colours (I used gold, white, red, blue, yellow)
  • white gel pen
  • fine brushes or tooth pick


Preparation: Find smooth, flattened stones on a beach or at a river. Wash stones with soapy water and let them dry.


1 – Paint stone with a circular shape in a dark colour, e.g. black, to make the colours of the mandala pop. It also makes it easier to draw on the stone with the gel pen.


2 – Use white gel pen to draw a mandala on the stone. Start in the middle and work slowly to the outside. Here you find some inspiration, you can even download these vector mandalas for free to use in other projects. Don’t get too detailed, you will fill the shapes with paint dots later. The pen works best on the painted area. Let it dry.


3 – Fill the shapes of your mandala with dots of acrylic paint. Mix your chosen colour with white or black to create different shades and tones. Add dots to the outer points, too. When the first layer of dots is dry, add dots in lighter colour or gold in the middle of the other ones. Done.







What are you using your boho pebbles for? And what colour palette have you decided on? Please share your ideas with us.



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