How to make: coloured pin board

Happy easter everyone! I don’t have any eggshaped items for you today, but round ones. To organise my craft room better, I was thinking about a pin board…since forever. Pin all the things I need in sight to be reminded or just to be delighted by their beauty.
pin boards 7pin boards 6


I had a big rectangular pin board when I still lived with my parents, I painted it white, so it blended in with the white wall. I love the fact that you could display things important to you and swap them anytime easily.

So when I saw these round cork coasters at IKEA, I immediately thought of five mini pin boards. Just add some colour!


pin boards 9pin boards TITLEpin boards 4


Not that easy. The decision I mean, not the project itself. That is easy. Sometimes I need forever to decide what exactly to do with one item or what colour, which style etc. I want to use…there are soooo many possibilities! So hard to choose.

First I thought I wanted the moon phases on the coasters and have a moon phase pin board. But when I painted the coasters, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted, so I changed it in geometrical pattern in gold, white and pink. And I love it. I guess everyone of us knows these kind of projects that are planned one way and turn out the other way, don’t you?


pin boards 2pin boards 8


Make your own pin board. And change the concept in the process, I am curious how many ideas you are going to have.


pin board 10


For your pin board you need:

pin boards material

  • 5 round cork coasters (e.g. AVSKILD from IKEA)
  • 3 different acrylic or craft paint (white and two other colours)
  • brush
  • masking tape
  • double sided adhesive tape



1 – Paint the fronts and the sides of the coasters white. Let them dry.

2 – Use the masking tape to divide the coasters in two parts, not necessarily in the middle.

pin boards masking

2 – Paint one part in the first colour. Let it dry.

pin boards painting

3 – Remove the tape and part the white section with masking tape again. Paint one side in the second colour. Let it dry before you remove the tape.

pin boards masking again

4 – Put two stripes of double sided adhesive tape on the back of each coaster.

pin boards double-sided tape

5 – Arrange your new pin board vertically or horizontally on your wall and start pinning. Done.

pin boards geometric patterns


pin boards 3pin boards 1


What colours, style, arrangement will you choose for your pin board? Let us know, even if you change it again.






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