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How to make: watercolour Christmas cards + free printables

Let your loved ones know that you are thinking of them by sending beautiful handmade Christmas cards! It is personal, beautiful and so easy!

Christmas is coming closer and probably not all of your friends and family live close by so that you can hand over presents or cards personally. Send them handmade Christmas cards. With this tutorial, you can decide how much time you want to put in and how much you want to design it yourself.

Next Friday I will post a tutorial and templates for three different Christmas baubles cards. They are so cute, check them out.


christmas card tree feature 1christmas card tree 8christmas card tree 6christmas card tree 7


There are three options:


Use the template and

1. choose your own beautiful paper for the trees or

2.  print my watercolour design paper (click here for the green one and here for the blue one) and design your own watercolour trees or

3.  if you don’t have a lot of time just print the template “ready to print Christmas tree cards“,  cut around the lines and *Badaboom* ready are your Christmas cards!


christmas card tree ready to print




Download and print the cards (here) and cut out your hand designed watercolour Christmas cards.




You need:

christmas card tree material


  • template (download it here)
  • thick paper/cardboard
  • beautiful paper for the tree
    some options:  print my watercolour design: blue or green, make your own watercolour design, white paper on brown cardboard, gold foil
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • glue stick for paper
  • ruler



1 – Print the template on thick paper or thin cardboard. Choose a light till medium colour so you are able to see the lines. Cut out the cards and the tree templates.

2 – Place the tree templates on the beautiful paper and trace them. Cut out the trees.

christmas card tree cutting

3 – To fold the cards easily, place the ruler on the card (aligned with the marks) and scratch along with closed scissors. The card will fold much easier along the scratch.

christmas card tree folding

4 – Arrange the trees on the card and glue them onto the card. Done.

christmas cards tree glueing


Now you have some tough decisions to make. What colour for the card? What colours for the trees? Watercolour design or plain? And how many trees?



Have fun. Experiment. It will look beautiful.

If you want to download and print the watercolour design that I made for my cards, please click here for the green one and here for the blue one.

Or just be lazy and print the already finished cards. Download them here.


christmas card tree 5




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