How to make: leather bow necklace

Christmas is coming closer and we are probably all still in need of Christmas presents. And to express our love and appreciation, we want to give self-made presents that come from the heart and fit the personality of the receiver.

And our time is precious – we can’t work  on every single present for hours, so we need gifts that don’t need a lot of time to make. I know how that feels. I’ve been there, too. I would like to share some ideas for personal Christmas presents. This one is the first.

I never really thought that I might like bows. Too girly, too cute, too… But I must admit the one or the other bow really gets to me. So I made this template for leather, felt or even paper to make a simple bow with clean lines.

And here is one way to use it: a leather (or if you prefer: felt) bow necklace.


bow necklace closebow necklace longbow necklace titlebow necklace various side


All you need:

bow necklace material


  • leather or thick felt
  • printed template (download it here)
  • sharp scissors
  • super glue or fabric glue
  • 2 jump rings
  • chain (length depends on how long you want it, for shorter necklaces you might need a clasp)
  • pliers
  • punch pliers


And here you go:

1. Cut out the template (download the template here).

2. Fasten the template on the leather/felt and cut around it.

3. Put piece (1) and (2) together and fold piece (1) into a bow, use a drop of glue to keep everything in place.

bow necklace step 1



4. Wrap piece (3) around the middle of the bow, pull it tight and glue it. You’re finished with your bow.

5. Punch a small hole on each side (see red marks).


bow necklace step 3


6. Put a jump ring through the hole and connect the end of the chain to the ring. Repeat on the other side.

bow necklace step 6

7. Done.

bow necklace variousbow necklace neck short
bow necklace


This bow necklace will make an easy, but very special Christmas present for your girlfriends. How about you grab some craft paint/fabric paint and put some polka dots on the bow?

The necklace is just one idea to use that bow. How about a brooch or a hair clip? Or a fridge magnet, just glue a small magnet to the back.


bow fridge magnet

What ideas do you have? Please share them with us.



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