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How to make: boho hairpins with gemstone beads

Imagine you have an important event approaching that calls for dressing up. You have the most beautiful dress and amazing shoes. But what is still missing is THE small unique detail that makes your outfit complete. You just can’t find the perfect, matching accessory. What if I tell you, you can just make it yourself? For these boho hairpins with gemstone beads, you can choose perfect, outfit-matching beads and then make them into unique hair accessories.



To be honest, I saw similar hairpins for sale on Pinterest and decided that I need to make some. My way of approaching was actually the other way around, I still had beads from a necklace I got as a teenager. The necklace was outdated and I didn’t want to wear it anymore, but it also had these beautiful splintered pale pink rose quartz beads. So I cut the necklace and repurposed the beads to a bracelet and these gorgeous boho hairpins.



If you have some outdated gemstone jewellery this might be a great idea for you, too. I must admit, I am much better at crafting than at styling hair, so please excuse the kind of messy updo in the images. I might wear the rose quartz hairpins with some flowers for my bohemian wedding, but then I definitely need someone else to do the styling. Visit my wedding category for some more bohemian wedding inspiration.





For your boho hairpins with gemstone beads you need:

  • hairpins
  • gemstone beads
  • brass or copper wire (∅ 0,3mm)
  • pliers to cut wire




1 – Cut a piece of wire ca. 18 cm / approx 7″ long. Thread one gemstone bead or several small ones, tie the wire to a hairpin and thread the wire through the bead again.



2 – Wind both wire ends tightly around the top of the hairpin (in opposite directions) and thereby cover the gap between bead and pin. Twist the wire ends together, cut any excess and hide the twisted ends between the wrapped wire. Done.



What occasion would you wear these pretty boho hairpins to?  I made them with my wedding in mind, but they are perfect for any other big day.






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