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Free printable: colouring in birthday card

Do you enjoy colouring in? Or looking for a personal birthday card that doesn’t need a lot of time or skill, but is handmade? Then keep on reading…

birthday card colour in 7


It was my birthday this week. And I can tell you, there is nothing better than get birthday wishes, cards and presents outside of social media…real, actual, physical cards and handwritten birthday wishes. I know it’s convenient, and sometimes the only way, to hit the keys on your computer or cellphone to just send a quick message.

But how awesome does it feel when someone really took the time to create something personal to honour your special day? And it doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming.


birthday card colour in 6 birthday card colour in 8


I created this printable colouring in birthday design (download it here) that you can colour in to add a creative, personal note. Additionally you also profit from the relaxing effect of colouring, without having to spend a lot of time on it.


birthday card colour in 3birthday card colour in title

birthday card colour in 5


1 – Print the template.

2 – Colour it. Go wild. Enjoy the creative process and the relaxing effect.

3 – Cut out the circle and glue it onto a card.

4 – Write your personal birthday wishes on the card. Done.


birthday card colour in 1birthday card colour in 2birthday card colour in 4






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