Free Printable: stress release with simple colouring

I recently discovered illustrations of geometrical animals.

It’s fascinating how simple geometrical shapes like triangles form entire animals. I love especially the ones with black lines only. You know what you can also do with these?


Colour them. Remember, as kids we loved colouring the various pictures in our colour books. We sat for hours…ok, maybe not that long…with our pencils and finished page by page…or moved on to the next page before the current one was finished, but wasn’t that the fun about it? Colouring because of colouring? Not because of an outcome we try to achieve.


As adults we don’t do much of these playful activities anymore. There is always a goal, something to achieve.

And I think, we forget how it feels like to just aimlessly do something, getting lost in the activity, not have to think about what your next step is, just following your intuition.


So, my friends, I got something for you to try: print this lovely fox – his name is Carli, by the way, and he is friendlier as he seems –  get your colouring pencils and colour him.

You can do that while waiting for the bus, in your lunch break or with a glass of wine when the kids are in bed.

Give Carli a whole new personality with a firework of bright colours or different shades of only one. Use pencils, sharpies, watercolours, glitter, make-up…no rules here. Just enjoy.

Download the template here.

Colour in Carli


And now: GO PLAY!

I would love to share your experience, so please drop me a line and send me your Carli picture.

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