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Roundup: 5 Christmas DIY projects + free printables

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas again. This happens every year: I am completely surprised about how fast the end of the year is approaching. Last year this blog was just a few months old and the number of readers was almost below 0 even. So I put together a roundup of my Christmas DIY projects and all the free printables and hope it will help you to make your Christmas extra special.





Christmas DIY projects roundup:


1) Paper Leaf Advent Wreath


diy paper advent wreath


To have an advent wreath is a tradition in Germany, where I come from. I remember as a kid, the number of burning candles is a helpful indicator of how long to go still, until it’s finally Christmas eve (in Germany you get the presents on Christmas eve already).

This paper leaf advent wreath is a modern variation of the traditional greenery one with red candles. Read more and get the tutorial here.




2) Watercolour Christmas Cards




I went a bit overboard with these Christmas cards (I guess a rookie mistake), you can choose between ready-to-print cards, watercolour designs to print and making your own trees or just following the tutorial and choosing your own paper. The choice is yours. I understand if it gets a bit confusing (I won’t make this mistake again), so let me know if you have any questions.

You can download the watercolour design paper (click here for the green one and here for the blue one) and here you get to the tutorial and the card templates.



3) Baubles Christmas Cards




I personally like the cards with the buttons best, but you have different options to choose from (again ????). There is also a ready-to-print option that makes it possible to get two Christmas cards in under 5 minutes.

See the other options and get the tutorial here.



4) Christmas Gift Tags



You want hand drawn, customisable gift tags for your Christmas presents?

Download them here or see more pictures and a preview here.




5) Super Easy Gold & White Christmas Baubles


diy christmas baubles


This is an unbreakable (good when you have kids running around the tree), modern version of the Christmas bubble. And they are super easy to make, check out the tutorial here.


How are you gonna decorate for Christmas this year? Do you reuse some of your previous decoration? Or are all the new Christmas DIY projects just too tempting, to resist making new stuff?




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